Making Connections

Every now and again I share insights, resources, tips and tools to help you understand, build and grow your online presence. My intent is that you will find the content in these monthly posts both helpful and inspiring.

1/2018 – Authenticity in Digital Marketing
1/2018 –  Three Words for 2018
11/2017 – Attitude of Gratitude
9/2017  – Hit The Ground Running
7/2017  – Really? Email Marketing? Why?
6/2017  – Is Your Facebook Page a Time Suck?
4/2017  – I Don’t Have All The Answers (Branded Email)
2/2017  – Can You Answer Their Questions?
1/2017   – My Mother is So Happy
12/2016 – A Digital Marketing Workshop for Your Organization
10/2016 – Learn, Baby, Learn
09/2016 – Beyond the Elevator Speech – Develop Your Differentiating Concept
08/2016 – It Boils Down to The Who, The What, The Why, and then The How
05/2016 – But Susan, What Do You Do?