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Finesse Your Facebook

How can I avoid the ‘rabbit hole’ of social media?
We’ve all been there. We hop on to Facebook to find the answer to some quick question and find ourselves 45 minutes later forgetting why we went on at all.
Here are a few, quick tips on fine-tuning your Facebook experience so that you can make the most of your time on the platform.

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Calm :: Grounded :: Light

The concept is simple – replace resolutions with three words that, through the year, will guide your choices, challenge your motives and influence your decisions. Choose words which have meaning and depth – words which stand on their own, yet work together to create a triangulation to guide you through your year.


Power of Email

The Power of Email Email marketing is a smart, affordable way for you to stay connected with your contacts so you can grow your business. In fact, marketers consider email the best way to get new customers and keep them*.