As a consultant to small businesses, I have a focus on the development and implementation of social media and contact relationship strategies to improve online visibility and customer engagement. Using the best techniques of inbound marketing, I offer personalized management of a business’ online presence.

Well, that was a well crafted paragraph, wouldn’t you agree?  It should be, I worked on it for a really long time – but what does it mean for you and your business?  Here’s what it is I do – I am that person that partners with you to help you navigate the learning curve for any of the online places you want to be.  I am that person that you contact to help you figure out how to utilize your platforms the best that you can, make them look great and be relevant and engaging, without wasting your time. I am that person that can help you track the results of the work that you are doing by monitoring your traffic and engagement. I love this stuff.  I love to teach it.  I love to do it.  I love helping others love it, too.

susanfinnonline social media servicesWebsite design services, search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, Twitter, E-newsletters, Craigslist, and other e-tools may be incorporated into a personalized program for a small business’ communications and marketing plan.

Services may include:

E – Newsletter Services

Email Marketing Strategies

      Website and Online Presence Assessment

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Google Analytics Review

Website Design Services

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google AdWords Campaigns

Local Search Site Updates

Website Maintenance

Susan Finn Online helping small businesses find their online presence through website design and maintenance, social media strategy, inbound marketing, SEO, contact relationship management and more.

Working With Me:

Free Consultation:

My initial get-to-know-you  20-minute free phone consult will help us get geared up for our first review session.

Initial Digital Marketing Assessment:

Our first working review session will be an in-depth assessment of your current online presence, your desired results and our best path to achieve your goals. We will meet in front of your computer for up to two hours to review your current online platforms, presence, and strategies.
This session is followed up with a detailed written appraisal of your online presence and an action plan for your organization.
There will be one 30-minute follow-up phone session 1-2 weeks after this initial meeting to gauge progress.

Continuing Support Services

Following this review session, service packages tailored to your organization’s unique needs may be offered. If you choose, you may simply utilize my social media and online services on an ‘as-needed’ basis.

The pricing of these services will be individually designed and dependent upon the type of services you decide to employ..

I offer package-pricing based upon an individual’s requirements.

Website and Online Presence Assessment

If you are like most of us, you are probably wondering if your website and online presence are accurate and optimized. Let me and my team comb through all of your platforms to give you honest and smart feedback.

We will review your website for language, broken links, calls-to-action, content review and more. We make suggestions for simple ways to make sure you are utilizing your current website to the best of its potential.  We will also run a survey of how you are showing up in various online search results. We can help you identify your strongest online traffic drivers while making sure your business is accurately portrayed on all resulting sites.

Our presentation will help you understand sometimes complex concepts and terms in plain English.

You can expect us to deliver clear, actionable recommendations and next-steps for improvements.

Workplace Group Workshops

This is a fantastic strategy for bringing your team together to work out a personalized and manageable online program for your business.

 Each 2-hour session will be based on the questions pre-posed by participants on anything they would like to learn about online presence. Alternatively, the session can be built around a particular topic appropriate for your group.  View some possible workshop themes.

Schedule a small group session that fits your schedule. These small group workshops are ideal for offices with a number of employees who can help your business increase online presence through their own personal brands. These group sessions are appropriate for 2-6 participants. The 1.5-hour workshop will include hands-on activities to get you and your team up and running right away. The presentation will be followed up with a detailed summary of our session and will include your top 3 priorities to focus on to get your platforms going.

This program includes one follow up phone call 1-2 weeks after the workshop to answer questions and gauge progress.

Rise Above The Noise!
Group Presentation:

It’s just so noisy out there! How can a small business owner “Rise Above the Noise”? Seriously, how can a small business owner utilize her unique talents, skills, voice to differentiate herself from the static out there? We have all heard that great content can be key to your success. This is certainly true.  Equally important is utilizing your “tribes,” your “collaboratives,” your “people” to exponentially increase your reach.

I will discuss the incredibly simple, yet profound, philosophy of listening to the questions your customers have been asking you and creating detailed, informative, and nonbiased articles centered around answering those questions as honestly and completely as possible.

Garnering content from your collaborators helps deepen the effects of this effort. This discussion will include various methods to utilize your aligned contacts not only to help create great content but to help grow your brand through digital platforms.

Viewing actual brand analytics and insights, we will view real-time results of strategic digital collaborations.

Participants in this workshop will leave with an actionable plan to:

  • Create content on their site that answers the questions people are asking about their product or service which will establish themselves as a thought leader in their area
  • Utilize their content in a number of unique ways to further differentiate their message.
  • Utilize their communities/collaborations to amplify their message.
  • Measure the results of their actions!

Pricing will vary depending on group size.

Let’s discuss how we can work together to create your own authentic online voice.