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How To Be Present Online

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by online marketing, you have come to the right place. Not sure what your ratio of online presence to face-to-face connection should be? Well, I know about that, too.

I’m Susan Finn, the Chief Connector, and I Love Online Marketing

Whether you’re a caterer, a construction contractor, a counselor or a chef, I can help you build a media platform that’s organized, authentic, and easy to navigate. No need to twitch at the thought of Twitter, or wince at the mention of Pinterest. I will put a face to your Facebook, have you on Instagram in an instant, and any other social media platforms that are best suited for you.

My Superpowers are:  Patience and Calm

Consider Me the Handrails on Your Climb to the Top

I will represent your organization with the same integrity and confidence I rely on to represent my own business. Consider me the handrails on your climb to the top, where you’ll be able to stand on your own in the world of social media. Once you feel competent, we will have regular check-ins to update your systems. And if you decide that social media really isn’t your thing, I’ll handle your updates for you so you can focus on your main priority – running your business.

Learn More About Me

Who am I and why do I love what I do? I want you to enjoy and appreciate online marketing as much as I do. I’ll explain exactly what benefit you can expect to get out of my work.

Learn About My Services

Let me teach you how to communicate with your audience while promoting your brand and growing your business through email marketing and social media platforms.

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Are you a business owner ready to grow through consistency and accountability? Wondering about what it’s like to work with me? Schedule a call so that we can learn more about each other.