May Marketing and Holiday Planning

There’s a lot to celebrate in May — especially if you own or work for a small business.

National Small Business Week runs the week of April 29th – May 5th in recognition of the contributions of America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

May also brings important holidays, including Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

Make May the month you shake out what’s not working for you in your digital marketing programs and focus on authentically reaching your clients and customers with personalized inbox communications.

May Marketing Themes:

    ~  Small Business Week
    ~  National Photograph Month
    ~  National BBQ Month
    ~  National Tourism Week (May 6-13)
    ~  Graduation and Prom
    ~  The Great Outdoors

may 2018 marketing ideas

Content Ideas for May:

National Military Appreciation Month

With Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day occurring this month, it’s a perfect time to show your support for our troops.

IDEA: Send a goodwill message to your contacts to thank those who currently are or who have served our country to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day.

IDEA: Start a fundraiser for veterans by adding a “donations block” to your emails.

IDEA: Offer a discount to anyone with a military ID

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers are the backbone of our education system and don’t get enough credit for all their hard work. Show them that you appreciate everything they do by offering them a discount on this day.

Idea: Offer a discount coupon for anyone who provides their faculty email address through one of these sign-up tools

End of the School Year

School is finally getting out which means students and teachers need to figure out how to spend their former classroom hours. This is a great time to start posting summer job openings and thinking about expanding your hours of operation.

IDEA: Send out a newsletter about the changes to your hours and of any positions opening up. Add a Call-To-Action Button to “Apply Now”.

Email marketing rocks.

Originally maligned as invasive and offensive, email is now the leading interactive marketing technique. Why has it become so popular? Why will billions of promotional email messages be sent out this month? Three reasons:

– The precipitous drop-off in the effectiveness of banner ads forced interactive marketers to try more email campaigns.

Managed correctly, email marketing works. The business press (and to some degree the mainstream media) have reported email successes, driving awareness and popularity of the tactic among marketers.

– Consumers now accept email marketing as part of their online experience. They may not like it, and may often receive ridiculous, unsolicited “spam” offers for Bulgarian pornography or some such thing, but enough email offers provide real value that most consumers have abandoned the “all email marketing is evil” philosophy.

< excerpt from Convince and Convert >

The Power of Email Marketing

may digital marketing holiday ideas
may digital marketing holiday ideas

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