As you know, spending and donations increase significantly during the holiday season, presenting huge opportunities for small businesses and nonprofits.

To help maximize your results during the holiday season, start engaging with your audience through email marketing TODAY!


Three Ideas for Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns:

  1. In-Store Promotion
    Create signs to hang in your store to let people know about your promotion. Don’t forget to encourage people to stay in touch by joining your mailing list so you can send them information about other offers and get them back in your store.
  2. Email Promotion
    Email marketing will be the most effective tool for potential customers throughout the holiday season. Set up an email plan that includes 3 messages: an announcement of your offer, a reminder, and a ‘thank you’ message. Save time and send festive emails using holiday-themed templates.
  3. Social Media
    Highlight your offer on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Sharing your offer across your social networks is a cost-effective way to open up our content to a whole new audience and generate the type of buzz you’ve been looking for.

Content Ideas for November:

Forget Me Not Day

Today is a day to get in touch with friends, family, and customers that you haven’t seen in a while. Create an email teasing your holiday oers to encourage people to start their holiday shopping. Send a coupon to incentivize customers who haven’t purchased your product or services in a while.


Send a goodwill message to your contacts to thank them for being loyal customers and supporting your small business. Express your appreciation for them being a part of your community by emailing an exclusive oer for your contact list.

Small Business Saturday

The holidays are a great time to make a more personal connection with the people who support your business. Share a story about how you created your small business or how your family celebrates the holidays.

Creative Ideas for Holiday Email Marketing

So…..I actually shared these tips last month….but decided they were so good, I’d share them again this month.

  • Free Shipping: There are many small things you can do to add value this holiday season. One of the easiest ways to add value is to offer free shipping leading up to the December holidays. You can encourage people to shop online or provide details so that customers can call to place an order.
  • Gift Card Bonus: In addition to traditional discounts, you can also look for ways to reward people for shopping small by adding a bonus prize, like a gift card or gift certificate.
    Offering a gift card as a bonus can increase sales during the holiday season, and can also help introduce you to new customers in the process.
  • Early Pricing: Start your holiday season early by offering fall discount — like Halloween specials.
  • Say thanks
    What is your business thankful for? The holidays are a great time to let people know that you appreciate their support. Saying thanks can humanize your business and help build the trust you need to build customer relationships.

The Power of Email Marketing


Let me know if I can help you get started.  It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do!