I know what you’re thinking.

September is way too early to start thinking about the winter holidays.

You’re in the midst of back-to-school season, clutching onto those last few days of summer.

The holidays couldn’t be further from your mind.

But before you know it, the summer haze will fade and you’ll have to kick it into high gear to catch up with your competitors who have already created a plan to boost sales during the holiday season.

Lay the foundation for your best holiday season yet!

Use the tips below to take advantage of September holidays and develop a plan to stand out during the holiday season.

september holiday and digital marketing calendar

September Marketing Themes:

  • Self Improvement Month
  • Little League Month
  • Classical Music Month
  • National Preparedness Month
  • National Breakfast Month

Top Tips to Kick Start Your Holiday Planning

  • Develop a schedule to build momentum
    Map out the weeks leading up to and through the holiday season with specific business goals for each of the big days, The holidays you target may vary based upon your business and your audience.
  • Get creative
    Use email to announce your holiday plans, remind people about important dates and deadlines, and thank people for shopping small during the holiday season.
  • Be a resource; not just a sales pitch
    Provide your audience with resources they can actually use this holiday season. It can be something as simple as time-saving tips or last-minute gift ideas.
  • Don’t do too much, too soon
    Don’t overwhelm people with too many promotions early in the season. Instead, target your audience with relevant offers when they’re actually ready to shop.

Content Ideas for September:

Labor Day

Labor Day (9/3) is the unocial end of summer. Use your email as a resource and not just a sales pitch; give readers tips for throwing that perfect end of Summer BBQ.

Read a Book Day

Encourage your audience to participate in Read a Book Day by sharing your favorite books and educational resources about topics that are relevant to your business.

Self Improvement Month

Take time to connect with your audience by oering them ways they can improve their life. You can also create a survey to find out ways you can improve your own services to your customers.

Autumn Equinox

Celebrate the upcoming fall season by sharing seasonal tips for activities to do outside, recipes for your favorite fall treats, or local festivities to truly embrace this wonderful time of year.

Email Marketing – Best Practice Tip

Get to know your subscribers

Taken a close look at your sending strategy. Take steps to better understand your subscribers. Who they are, what they’re interested in, and how you can improve your relationship with them.

The more you think about your subscribers, the more you’ll realize the different groups you’re trying to talk to all at once through your campaign.

While some people on your email list may be lifelong customers, others may be completely new to your business that require more lead nurturing.

Rather than “blasting” all of your contacts with the same information, take the time to figure out how to deliver a more personalized experience to each of your subscribers.

Consider creating separate email lists to better target your different types of contacts. Here are a few examples of how different industries segment their list:

  • A nursery will email its residential customers about new spring plantings and its commercial customers about the availability of bulk mulch.
  • A cosmetics boutique will email one coupon to customers who buy makeup and another to those who buy skin-care products.
  • A financial services firm will email tax prep customers a timely IRS filing reminder and another to financial planning clients about rebalancing their portfolios.

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The Power of Email Marketing

Let me know if I can help you get started.  It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do!