About Me

What’s My Story?

To answer this question, it’s probably best that I share with you a defining moment and resulting journey that brought me to where I am today, coaching independent business owners exactly on what to do to get new clients consistently by making the best strategic use of their digital platforms.

In late 2002, with my youngest child off to kindergarten, I decided to start my own business. Since my background up to that point had been in the food science industry, as a quality control manager and a nutritional assessment consultant, this idea of being an independent business owner was new for me. As I began to gain more customers in my artisan tote bag business, I craved the camaraderie of other professionals while I also realized my lack of knowledge in many areas of business life. I’d invited a few women over to talk about the ins and outs of business ownership. After a few months, there were so many women interested in these monthly meetings that we moved over to a local bank’s meeting room and there the official Women’s Business Network of SE MA (WBN) was established.

The WBN became a powerful growth tool for our members. Within the community, we could find most of the resources we’d need to continue the growth and success of our own businesses – accountants, lawyers, graphic artists, website designers, copywriters, house-cleaners, and party planners.

As the director of the WBN, my passion for being a “CONNECTOR” became firmly rooted.

It didn’t take me long to see that many of the WBN members were struggling to grow their business because they simply did not know how to be strategic with the digital marketing growth tools available to them.

Websites, social media platforms, email marketing, online groups.

I made a commitment to immerse myself in absolutely everything that had to do with digital marketing. I read every book on marketing and networking I could get my hands on. I took every course that was available. I went to every seminar and conference. I became certified by a number of online service providers. I essentially decided to become the CONNECTOR of all-things-digital in order to be able to help the members grow their businesses.

My 12 years as the director of the WBN gave me immense satisfaction to guide business owners into taking control of and making the most of their own digital platforms in order to attract more clients.

Since then, I’ve worked with dozens of clients, ran numerous group programs and spoken in front of many organizations. I’ve created “Rise Above the Noise”, a 5-module system to guide every business owner with what it takes to spotlight their authenticity and their professional expertise in order to stand out in a busy digital world.

I have made a commitment to dedicate my professional life to helping other self-employed, sole practitioners, and small business owners, get more clients by providing them with digital marketing education, coaching and support services.

“Susan is a great team player that worked well with all of our staff to keep our social media fresh and compelling. She is constantly networking, attending workshops, watching webinars to stay fresh in her field.”

Cheryl OpperFounder & Executive Director of School on Wheels of Massachusetts

Something You Must Know:

I eat, sleep, and drink online marketing. It’s empowering for me to be able to empower you, by teaching you in a simple and clear way how to enhance your online presence. Using your company’s ‘voice’ and values, we will address some social media challenges like:

  • Which are the best social media platforms for your organization?
  • Is your website attracting new business ?
  • How will  you use email marketing effectively?
  • What can you do to make your social media platform stand out?

I Will Ask:

  • What is it about social media confuses you?
  • Why are you overwhelmed by it?
  • How much time do you have realistically to devote to it?

Then I Will:

  • Teach you as much as you can handle, and help you implement these things.
  • If necessary, I will communicate your visual needs to your graphic designer.
  • Use my curiosity and experience to keep your programs updated, filling the gaps in your online marketing.

Think of me as your technology practitioner – tell me what ails you and I will make it better. We will not only deal with and resolve your nagging social media issues, I will offer great solutions to establish and grow your online presence.

Our goal will be to foster consistent connection with your current customers, to find more customers for your business.

I will work with you to develop your brand and online presence, and develop customized strategies to maintain that as digital marketing platforms evolve.

Susan keeps us informed about the progress of our campaigns and has a unique ability to explain complicated ideas in simpler terms to help us fully understand the results that we are viewing. Susan would be a valuable addition to any small business that aims to build their online presence. Oh, and she is a lot of fun to work with.”

Mickey and Brian DohertyOwners of B&M Catering

I want you to enjoy and appreciate online marketing as much as I do. I provide transparency in everything I do for you –  I’ll explain exactly what benefits you can expect to get out of our work together.

I have spent hundreds of hours taking webinars and attending local workshops and national inbound marketing conferences with some of the industry’s leading experts. And I continue to meet with local professional organizations to learn as much as there is about developing a strong online presence.

Here’s What I Can Share With You:

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, Content curation, Inbound marketing, CRM, Adobe, E-newsletters, Local Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Website Maintenance (Web Expressions, Hubspot, Network Solutions, Website Tonight, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress), Blogging, Social Media Networking, and Promotional Event Implementation.

I enjoy everything there is when it comes to marketing and customer engagement.

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