Rise Together Accountability Circles

Being a solopreneur can be so confusing….and isolating…..and confusing. I know – I said confusing twice because….seriously – isn’t it just so confusing sometimes?

Are you an idea generator like I am?

Are you always be ready to jump on the next thing. and the next thing. and the next, without always knowing where you’ve even been already?

Once you are involved in a mastermind, that feeling of “being alone” while running your business is gone. Your business will grow because members find ways to help each other by utilizing cross promotion.

You can’t help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

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How Does A Mastermind Work?

A group of smart people meet on a regular basis to tackle challenges and problems together. They lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other when appropriate. It’s very much peer-to-peer mentoring and if you are lucky enough to get invited to one, you will most likely see a marked change in yourself and your business. ...Forbes – 7 Reasons to Join a Mastermind

I promise you – a mastermind/accountability circle is likely exactly what you’ve been looking for as the catalyst for your business growth.

What You Can Expect:

  • SAVE TIME with clearly defined goals, tools, and strategies
  • Build your Contacts lists
  • Accountability for your actions through our calls and your accountability partner
  • Gain clarity on your digital marketing messaging
  • Have easy access to answers for your business questions.
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your niche
  • Enjoy unbiased, honest feedback and new ideas for your business growth activities from a ‘virtual board of directors’
  • Support via professional coaching, group calls, and a private Facebook Group.

What’s Included?

  • Initial 2-hour circle meeting (*) to set goals.
  • 5 bi-weekly circle meetings. (*)
  • 1 2-hour group implementation session.(*)
  • Weekly Facebook Live Q & A
  • A boatload of resources supporting the work we will be doing.
  • A private Facebook Group as your ‘virtual board of directors’.
  • Your own Accountability Partner.
  • 1 free Rise Above Noise webinar (your choice)

Limited to 6 participants.


Join the Waiting List for 2020 Circles – Schedule a call with me to explore options

(*) Meetings will be held on Zoom video conference and will be recorded for your records.

What People Are Saying:

“I enjoyed the accountability and check-ins with my partner more than I thought I would. We were a really good fit for each other and were able to help each other out in unexpected ways.

I have much more quiet time in my day, not feeling frantic because I have systems in place and chunk marketing activities together. I’m not getting sucked into FB when I want to post in groups because I have a plan in place. I have a better understanding of what to focus on and improve for my messaging.

By working on my email onboarding series and getting the word out about my new lead generator. whenever I speak somewhere, I will be able to point them to my mailing list and start nurturing the relationship.”

Devon Grilly
Coach On Fire

It was important to me that the group was private. I should not have worried, these strangers I now consider my friends.

Your patience and kindness, pushing when needed, keeps me focused on the tasks I need to get done.

My results from the group were:

  • Staying focused
  • Keeping a list of the 3 priorities of the day
  • Overcoming perfection paralysis.

Jodie Rosen
Pages 2 Remember

“”I like being in a smaller group. It’s less intimidating than being in the big mish-mash of hundreds of people in a Facebook group. I don’t really like the one-on-one as much. It’s more pressure. I like when the topic gets off of me for a bit and I learn from other people. I almost think it’s more valuable than one-on-one coaching. You get the support from (4) other people who have similar goals as you.”

Rachel Kaczynski
Healthy Chicks and Spark Your Bliss Affirmations

“The guidance you provide always seems to be special advice just for me. The group relationship was very supportive. I enjoyed sharing each others’ successes and challenges as we grow and look for support from each other. I was able to take the baby steps to apply what I learned to be able to reach more clients and team members.

Wendy Juergens
Wellness Consultant

“My takeaway from this group has been the emotional support you find.  Even though this is an accountability group, I don’t ever feel judged or made feel “less-than”. I feel more supported and uplifted. It is such an amazing thing to be able to talk openly with a group of people who are friends and professionals.

You can talk about how much money you want to make. You can talk about disappointments, fears, limiting beliefs. We can be vulnerable and honest and open. We know that we are going to be held up and supported, guided and encouraged. Too bad we didn’t find each other ten years ago! But imagine us ten years from now!

Dr. Cathy Ripley Greene
Spiritual Medium

“We can just bounce ideas off of each other and you can get a variety of perspectives. I never just want one person’s perspective. I always want a few and then I want to pick out of it what intuitively feels like the right choice for me.  There is no judgment. People accept the way you show up. If you show up like, “Yay. I had 20 wins since I saw you last” – No one thinks you’re bragging. But, you can also say “I stink at what I do. Why am I doing this?” – Everyone will tell you to go put your big-girl panties on and we’re going to get through it. “

Beth Knaus
That’s a Spade Copywriting

“I signed a new client last week! Susan gave me specific advice on where to publish my blog and how to connect with my audience. Within a day, I received a message from someone interested in working with me. I sent him samples of my work and he hired me right away! I feel like I’m finally on the right track.
It can feel very lonely when you’re trying to build a business and figure it all out. As a solopreneur, the accountability piece is really, really important.”
Rachel Pintarelli
Content Creator & Chief Storyteller

Listen to the stories from our most recent circles:

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