Empowering Entrepreneurs

I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

The power of choice for entrepreneur successThe 2 Mental Shifts Highly Successful People Make

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”— Max Planck, German quantum theorist and Nobel Prize winner.
Wherever you are on your own journey, you can intensify and deepen your understanding of the principles at these various levels.

via Benjamin P. Hardy on Thrive Global
11 Tips to Be Positive When Everyone Around is Negative11 Tips to Be Positive When Everyone Around is Negative

Negativity can be contagious if you let it and that will spill over into your work and personal life. Believing in someone who sees the worst or is always pointing out your supposed flaws is difficult, which makes it challenging to work or live with them, and that’s putting it mildly.

For this reason, having a few coping mechanisms can save your sanity or job.

via Self Development Secrets
navigate stress for health and productivity - entrepreneur successThe question is not whether you have stress, it is more about asking how to navigate the stress.

While most people are all too aware of the stressors in their lives, they are unsure how to cope/navigate the stress they face within their personal and professional lives on a daily basis.

via Beth Williamson Ruse, Mind-Body Practitioner/Speaker
entrepreneur success strategies - face to face networking tips3 Tips for Face-to-Face Networking: The Beginning of Long-Term Engagement

Business owners really have no choice but to get out and meet people.
Networking has many moving parts, but when you combine a few of them, the end result is better.

via Tricia White, T. White Creations

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