Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
Attract More Leads with a Compelling Message

Stephanie Osborn : Marketing Mindset Strategist
Bliss More Stress Less

In the first part of today’s chat, I begin with my signature riff on how important it is to answer all – I am serious – ALL – of the questions that anyone, ever, has or will ask – or should ask – about you, your business, your staff, your product.

Then, we have a really helpful chat with Stephanie Osborn, owner of Bliss More Stress Less.

Stephanie’s superpower: Visionary -She has a unique ability to see how all the pieces fit together in process and strategy.
Today’s chat was on the importance of having a clear message and strategy in order to increase the number and quality of your leads

My Takeaways:
There are 3 parts to your compelling message (elevator speech format):
1: WHO: Who do you work with? You can’t be too general, nor can you be too specific, so look for the commonality in your current ideal clients and use that as your target.
2: PROBLEM: What are the problems you solve for your clients?
3: RESULTS: What are the results of working with you?

If you have more time during your introduction – you may decide to give a current client story…..”I am currently working with a client who is struggling with XXXX. Together, we’ve identified……and as a result, she has experienced……”

Stephanie points out that there are so so so many different ways to do marketing. She suggests that you focus on just the ones that make sense to you, feel right to you so that you will be consistent in the effort.

Stephanie’s book recommendation: You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero. It’s a great book for helping overcome fears and limiting beliefs that often cause you to have an unclear message.

Be sure to take advantage of Stephanie’s special offer for folks who tune in to this video