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Social Media, Email Marketing & Analytics For Your Business Workshop Series

I am passionate about two things: helping my connections create their authentic online persona, and offering affordable programs Small groups give me the flexibility to do so.

Who you are should come through in who you are online. Giving your small business an online presence means more than simply putting up a website with your company’s address and phone number. It means setting up a virtual authentic version of you and your business, with a welcoming, informative website, social media platforms and email marketing strategies.

Your message is useless unless you get it in front of the people you designed it for.

This program is for solo pros and small business owners who are ready to take control of their digital presence. We will work in small collaborative groups to develop a sincere and successful online presence.

We will explore each attendee’s business concept, the audience they want to attract, and how each of you can use your own passions and interests to build your unique professional brand. As a small business owner thriving in a socially-connected world, it is important that you not only have an online presence on social media but that you also engage with your customers.