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Living Your True Self Through the Power of Color :: Shirley Zaccheo

Shirley Zaccheo, Image Consultant with You & Improved guides us to make the most of our 7 seconds to make an impact.
My takeaways:
~ Color has energy
~ YOU are your brand – no matter what you do, where you go, who you’re with.
~ When you identify your signature colors – your power colors – your energy reflects off of others and bounces back at you.

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The Growth Killer: All Planning and No Doing :: Jody Sutter

Jody Sutter, business development expert tells us: “We all have the best of intentions when it comes to business development and revenue growth, and yet Jody sees businesses get stuck in an endless, unfulfilling cycle of all planning and no execution. We only see results from our actions! Jody offers a framework for taking decisive action and staying accountable to your big goals for growth.”

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Serve Your Clients with Love through Coaching :: Clara Angelina Diaz

Clara Angelina Diaz, this week’s Rise Above Noise guest, coaches emerging and established entrepreneurs on developing their emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, confidence and sense of calm. We talk about plugging into the voice of the wise and compassionate adult within us about how we show up in business and in life.

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Use Systems to Reclaim Your Time :: Kathleen Lawson

Implementing processes/systems into your business will save you time, and will give your clients a better experience. Business and project manager, Kathleen Lawson, explains why it’s a good idea to take this approach. She touches upon areas such as time and task management, marketing/lead generation, pipeline/sales, service delivery, financial, team management.

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Finding Your Blind Spots :: Mia Hewett

This week’s guest:
Mia Hewett, The Enlightened Entrepreneur.
Do you sometimes feel that you are meant for more, but don’t understand why you keep secretly struggling to achieve it?

Mia touches upon how to incorporate spirituality and power into your daily life to close the gap and confusion about how to be a spiritual being while thriving as a practical business owner.