Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:

Living a BadAss Mama Life

live the badass mama life entrepreneur

Annie Bugeau Clay
Life Style Coach & BadAss Mamas Podcast

First off, Susan shares her digital marketing tip of the week.

Use a “Text to Join” app to invite people to join your email list or receive your irresistible free offer (lead generator) during networking events or when you’re making a presentation. List building is key to increasing your audience and your clients base.

Then, this week’s guest is Annie Bugeau Clay. Annie is a lifestyle coach & host of the Badass Mamas Podcast

Here are some of the thoughts I was able to capture from this energy-filled, inspirational conversation:

Wait – Awaken your inner BadAss? What is that? It’s a fun way of saying “Your True Self”. – We all have an inner badass- our true selves inside.

Conditioning throughout our life causes a dimming – we need to clear off the muck – to shine. It’s there in everyone!

Annie wants to get people to understand and believe that you are an awesome being and are destined to contribute to the world in our own special way.

Are you trying to be the perfect everything? The pushing, the pretending – stops working after a while – your inner self needs to realize its town ruth and show up.

Coaches can see what you can’t see. Having someone in your corner is the most amazing feeling. Someone with an expanded view.

Annie has a board of directors in her meditations – past badasses – Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt – Ask them what they think about your situation – receive their advice. “Just do it!” or “Take a moment, settle down”. Use meditation to truly connect.

Get comfortable with fear. An ability to bounce back from adversity and hardship.

Bounceback can be cultivated. Annie helps people who are in an unsatisfied state (body, surroundings, relationships, business) – first – figure out what they want. Then -make plans – multiple plans – follow the plan – trial and error. Be committed to figuring it out.

The easiest thing to do to get ready to step into your power?….. Do something that scares the pants off of you. Physical challenge? Difficult conversation? Make a commitment out loud to someone?

Whenever you do something that makes you sweat/palpitate – you come out the other side so much stronger – with so much more confidence.

Annie is offering a 30-minute coaching call to followers of Rise Above Noise. You can head on over to to schedule your time with Annie.