amy porterfield seth godin podcast

I recently listened (again and again, actually) to Amy Porterfield’s interview with Seth Godin. I loved it so much I simply needed to share my takeaways with you.

 • Growth happens when you focus your attention and efforts on the smallest viable markets and then, you serve the heck out of them.

You know you’re not going to be able to successfully serve every single person in the world, but for some reason, you are probably still intimidated by the idea of narrowing down the people you can help or reach.

• Find a corner of the market that can’t wait for your attention. Go to their extremes. Find a position on the map where you and you alone are the perfect answer. Overwhelm this group’s wants and dreams and desires with your care, your attention, and your focus. Make change happen. Change that’s so profound people can’t help but talk about it.

• Your brilliance: find people who want to go where you are going and who want to experience what you are offering. Then you can teach them what they need to know to get there.

• Positioning, done properly, is a service…..The person you are seeking to serve is overwhelmed with noise. They are confused. There are too many choices. Can you help them sort through their choices so they can pick what they want? (Seth uses a fantastic example using potato chip brands. Worth the listen.)

• Focus on the change our customers want. Instead of just talking about the specs of our products or services we speak about the emotion instead.

What we are all seeking is how it makes us feel to be connected to other people. What we are seeking is a shift in how tall we are or how we could see ourselves making an impact.

• Always be testing If we’re spending all of our time making it perfect we’re stuck.

Challenge yourself to regularly act differently with different people and pay attention to what’s working. The act of always testing lets you off perfect talk and lets you, instead, be the generous explorer who is figuring out a new way to serve the people you already signed up to serve.

There was so much more to this podcast than I can even capture here – I highly recommend listening to the whole thing.

Actually, my favorite part was towards the end when Amy and Seth discuss how to make the most out of Facebook Groups. Seth, as he always does, got right to the heart of the reality.

He points out that Facebook groups can get enormous amounts of activity but it tends to go in bursts. He believes that the magic number for an effective growth group is seven!  When there are seven people in a circle they notice when there are only six. When there are seven people in a circle, connections are truly made. 

It’s about creating circles of people.  Extraordinary magic happens. Not only are they transformed they are surrounded by people who are transformed.

Oh my goodness.  I love this so much.

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