Leigh-Ann Larson of Elevate Counseling: 8 steps to MANIFEST your best…life, career, health, relationships…you name it, will be shared with you in this podcast. Tips for entrepreneurs


Positioning, done properly, is a service…..The person you are seeking to serve is overwhelmed with noise. They are confused. There are too many choices. Can you help them sort through their choices so they can pick what they want?

joann krall entrepreneur organizing

Joann Krall – The Sensible Organizer – shares her three principals to becoming an organized business owner. Simplify. Let go of perfectionism. Set up systems.

december holiday marketing email digital

Use these tips to take advantage of December holidays and develop an email marketing plan that will sustain your through 2019

A monthly digest to help an entrepreneur make the most of their digital marketing time and dollars. This month’s topics will help small business owners master the art of social media to stay top of mind with their clients and potential customers. 


Devon Grilly, Coach on Fire: “Find Your Authentic “NO”” – Tips for identifying the things that are draining you & accelerating the burnout cycle.

This month, I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to empower entrepreneurs.
This month’s articles are offered to give solopreneurs motivation and resources to become get organized and more efficient so they can do more for more people.

nicole lewis joy warrior

Nicole Lewis – Joy Warrior: Be “Kid-Like” – Smile – Play
~~ Creating JOY in your everyday life can be developed as a new habit.

Lynell Masterson -

Lynell Masterson: Counselor and Healer. Confidence: It’s Not What You Think. Cultivating confidence is being ok with imperfection.

Digital marketing can be key for introverts. Taking the time to think and compose can give us a sense of control because we then get to present our content thoughtfully and strategically.


Use these tips to take advantage of November holidays and develop an email marketing plan to stand out during the holiday season.

Linda Pritcher - insight, creativity, clarity

Linda Pritcher.
Leveraging the powerful connection between insight, clarity and creativity and its impact on your business growth.