giant flower




head in fence

power line walk



at the office

Hike Break

met the hose

We had hoped that Kenai and Cinco would have more time together.  Cinco’s gentle nature.  Her patience and nurturing. We thought a puppy could bring her new life.  And it did, for a short time.

kenai and cinco IMG_1415 IMG_1404puppy and old dog and zoe kenai and cinco on porch

cute in the grass

puppy on couch

Kenai and Colton

We drove to Abby Kennels early on the morning of March 16, 2013.This amazing pup cuddled right up to her new humans.She sat on Colton’s lap on the ride home from Chelmsford and only got sick one time, just as we turned onto Cross Street.  So close to home.

Puppy Love

Love at First Hug

puppy love 2

Meant to be….









first meal

First Meal in her new home

meeting jenna

Meeting Jenna








We were unsure about the whole crate-training thing.  But this love took to her crate immediately.

wiped out

Finding the best napping spots

best napping spot

THE best napping spot