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Lynell Masterson: Counselor and Healer. Confidence: It’s Not What You Think. Cultivating confidence is being ok with imperfection.

Digital marketing can be key for introverts. Taking the time to think and compose can give us a sense of control because we then get to present our content thoughtfully and strategically.


Use these tips to take advantage of November holidays and develop an email marketing plan to stand out during the holiday season.

Linda Pritcher - insight, creativity, clarity

Linda Pritcher.
Leveraging the powerful connection between insight, clarity and creativity and its impact on your business growth.

Facebook Groups

A monthly digest to help an entrepreneur make the most of their digital marketing time and dollars. This month’s topics are all about using Facebook groups to build community and increase marketing reach for your business.

Jennifer Gulbrand - SheBreathes Balance and Wellness

Long before the over-scheduled work-week & isolating days of social media, women lived in cultures where they supported one another in all aspects of life.
In today’s disconnected & demanding world, how does one find a tribe? Here are some suggestions.

get visible entrepreneur

I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.
This month’s topics are on the topic of creating, embracing, making the most of your visibility as an entrepreneur.

Pay attention to the energies around you.
Let it all go in order to find Freedom and Flow.
We can all embrace our authenticity – Lean in to what we truly are.

marketing with peanuts

I buy my peanuts from Nicky outside of Fenway Park. Buying decisions are often made because of the feelings…the stories…behind the product or service. Market the stories and create the feelings.


Use these tips to take advantage of October holidays and develop an email marketing plan to stand out during the holiday season.


3 parts to your compelling message (elevator speech):
1: WHO: Who do you work with? You can’t be too general, nor can you be too specific. Look for the commonality in your current ideal clients and use that as your target.
2: PROBLEM: What are the problems you solve for your clients?
3: RESULTS: What are the results of working with you?


Rise above the noise – digital marketing strategy -Susan Finn interviews Tricia White, brand strategist – topic: personal branding for business growth.