august digital marketing and email marketing ideas

With August now upon us, we enter into the last month of summer. This may be the last chance to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor weather and summer vacations before Fall. If you’re looking for ideas on how to end the summer season with a bang, these tips should help make your business a hot spot in August.

effective email marketing tutorial

If everyone’s email inbox is so full and so noisy, is it really worth it to begin and maintain an email marketing strategy for your business?
It’s worth it!
I promise!

Email marketing, done properly, may likely be the best possible strategy for your business.

Christina Gaterri financial planner

Christina Gatteri is a certified financial planner who wants you to feel empowered to make the right decisions for you and your family and build a healthy financial household. Christina considers self-care and financial planning as aligning values for a healthful lifestyle and offers a holistic approach to financial responsibility and advising.

July holiday marketing ideas

July holiday marketing and holiday planning. What’s your plan to prevent existing customer relationships from melting away in the summer sun? Whether your focus is to engage
your existing audience, grow your list, or both, the tips below should help you keep your cool this July.

Anne Lipsitz, Career and Transition Coach tells us how we, as entrepreneurs can understand and maximize our strengths to start focusing on what naturally makes us powerful and unique.
How will you confidently answer the question: “Tell Me About Yourself”?

email template

A well-crafted email campaign may be one of the most powerful weapons in your entire digital marketing arsenal. It drives potential customers to your website. You get the opportunity to remain connected through newsletters, offers, & other content.

ditch the guilt

Kathryn Ford Richter, a Self Care and Mindset Coach talks to us today about how we can stop taking on more than we can handle and giving our energy away so we can be happier, healthier and more successful, personally and professionally.

annie bugeau clay badass mamas podcast entrepreneur

Annie Bugeau Clay is a Lifestyle Coach and podcaster for BadAss Mamas. Annie wants everyone to understand and believe that you are an awesome being and are destined to contribute to the world in our own special way.

june holiday marketing ideas

Summer is here, which means longer days and more shopping hours. Do you have a plan to start the season off strong? Whatever your goals are for June, these tips are sure to help your business shine!

A monthly digest to help an entrepreneur make the most of their digital marketing time and dollars. This month’s topics will help small business owners make best use of an automated welcome email series to bring their contacts closer to them to build ‘know-like-trust’

From paper and email management to information flow and productivity, Margo Crawford, Productivity Coach with Wave Productivity, helps professionals create and sustain a productive work environment. Entrepreneurs can benefit from tips and strategies to save time and be more effective.

A monthly digest to help an entrepreneur make the most of their digital marketing time and dollars. This month’s topics focus on learning tips, tricks, and strategies for maximum productivity in your business.