Rachel Kaczynski of Healthy Chicks offers Blogging 101

tips for blogging

  • Decide on a theme/topic: This can change over the years, but my rule of thumb is to choose something that lights you up & brings you joy. I started with a relationship blog, which turned into a health food blog, which is now a wellness & lifestyle blog for women in their 20s. As you personally evolve, so will your blog…and that’s OK.

  • Choose a catchy name: Pick a memorable name for your blog! What’s something that grasps your attention & describes what your blog is about in a few short words? This also holds true for the titles of your posts…you want to grab your reader’s attention. 

  • Get to know your audience: Who are they? What do they like? What do they want to know? Ask and get to know! It’s important to connect with your readers.
  • Create an engaging about me page: Who are you? What are your favorite things? Perhaps link back to highlight some of your best posts! Your readers want to know who you are (behind the blog).
  • Keep it real: Use your authentic voice & develop your own “tone.” My readers always say they love how I write like I’m having a conversation with them, which makes sense! Jot down ideas inspired from your real life experiences throughout the week & write about that.
  • Tell a story: Some of my most popular posts were the ones that were the most raw, like my weight loss journey & struggles with comparisons to other women. Tell your story, and your readers will be hooked in!
  • Be interactive with your followers: Ask questions, reply to their comments, and thank them for reading. You want to appreciate those who have taken the time to invest in you & your blog. Give back to loyal followers, by offering a newsletter with exciting incentives!
  • Choose a couple social media platform & stick to it: There are so many platforms – from Pinterest to Periscope to Facebook! I started with just twitter, and once I built up a following I added Facebook and Instagram (which is now my personal favorite). Also, make it easy for people to follow you by adding your social media icons on the top half of your blog! You don’t want people to have to go searching in order to follow you…or they’ll give up in a minute.
  • Engage with the community: When I first started, I would often write guest blog posts or have others guest post on my site. I’d also try to comment on like-minded blogs or blogs I love. Now, I don’t do guest posts as often, but I do host a fun weekly series called “Healthy Chicks in the Community,” featuring inspiring women in the community.
  • Register Your domain / get a hosting platform: When you first start off, go for the free options like WordPress.com. But when you’re ready to register your own domain (.com or .org for example), I recommend using GoDaddy. I personally blog from WordPress.com, registered my domain with GoDaddy, use Host Gator for my web hosting, which you’ll also need once you move away from the free versions. Some benefits of self-hosting are the ability to advertise & more flexibility on the back-end.

From Rachel:

Rachel Kaczynski - Healthy Chicks

Rachel Kaczynski Healthy Chicks

“Hi, I’m Rachel: one part freelance writer, one part Health Coach, and 100% Healthy Chick. I’m a twenty-something small town girl living outside of Boston who is incredibly passionate about helping other women transform their lives.


I started “Healthy Chicks” so that women of all ages/sizes/backgrounds/lifestyles could find a place to come together, like a virtual coffee hour of sorts (or Happy Hour if you’re that kinda gal). Think of it as Sex and the City with a little more green tea and self-love, minus all the other drama.”

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