Blogging for business is such a great idea for so many reasons.

why to blog? how to blog?

  1. A blog helps drive new traffic to your website and works closely with search engines and social media to do that. (Hubspot)
  2. A blog gives your company an authentic voice and helps you share your expertise, establish yourself as a resource.
  3. You’ll be drawn to the other leaders and thinkers in your industry, and your mind will be expanded and quickened due to their profound influence. (Marcus Sheridan)
  4. So many, many, many more reasons. (About Blogging)

But ….. HOW?
I asked a couple of friends to send along their notes from a recent presentation on blogging.  They graciously agreed to share their ideas with you.


best blogging practices for business

 Read “Best Blogging Practices”
by Beth Knaus of ‘That’s a Spade”



best blogging practices for business


Read “Blogging 101”
by Rachel Kaczynski of ‘Healthy Chicks’



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