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Do I Have to “Brand” My Email Address?

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Well, technically, no – you don’t HAVE to have an email address which includes your domain, BUT – it is really a good idea to use one.

Think about it – If you were interested in hiring an attorney and you were given a choice between or – –  which would you be drawn to contact first? Most consumers would say that a company branded email gives the appearance of being more credible than one using a free email account.

I think that it’s really more than simply email address. In my opinion, it is part and parcel of building credibility and branding, helping to create the impression your business intends to promote to the outside world. In today’s super-competitive marketplace, branding gives you that leg-up to help your small business stand out from others.

Here are 3 Great Reasons to Brand Your Email.

1. The Right First Impression

No kidding, your branded email sends the message that your company is established and it’s professional. A generic email kind of gives the impression that your company lacks experience. It raises doubts about whether you’re a real company at all. Credibility is an important, invisible currency in our small business world. Your company branded email tells your audience that you are here to stay.  That you are serious about your business.

2. Seem Larger – Bigger – Better

A generic email address gives the impression that your business is small, part-time, not-yet-established. Your branded email offers a more “corporate image”.  It will show that you care about your company’s image and how others view it. A company-branded email also allows you to create multiple email addresses within the business to help segment communications. (for example:

3. Promote Brand Awareness

Do NOT underestimate this benefit of using branded email.  Every time you send out an email – every time – you are promoting your business!  (not Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail) This is a really valuable and cost-effective tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

In our trying-to-stand-out-and-connect as a small business world, there may be many areas that are too expensive or time-intensive to take on just yet, but email branding is not one of those areas.

Setting yourself up with a branded email address is easy, inexpensive and super-effective.



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