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I’ve rounded up 5 of my top picks of articles to help small business owners grow their online presence.

segment-email-listThe best part about email segmentation? There are a ton of creative ways you can segment your email list to run innovative and effective campaigns that leads and customers will enjoy, from geography and industry to content format and topic. The more information you collect about your email recipients, the more opportunities you have to tailor your emails to resonate just right.

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9 ways to boost your brand through online storytellingLet's say your friend just bought a new product that they love. They probably wouldn't show up at your door and read you a sales script about how much they're enjoying the product.
Instead, your friend would probably give you some background about the purchase decision, then tell you about the product before recommending that you buy one of your own.
Now imagine that the friend in this scenario is not a friend but a company.....

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content-creationFind a way to atomize that content so that one thing magically becomes many things.

One blog could become posts on social media platforms, email newsletter content, LinkedIn shares, co-collaborative piece on another's blog.

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listing-sitesHere is a super-helpful resource to help you list your business on relevant search sites.

Underneath each category table is a link to download an excel file of all the sites in that category. There isn’t 1 big, ‘uber’ list containing every citation for each category.

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11 Ways to Defuse Objections With Clever TestimonialsTestimonials can turn your most skeptical visitor into a subscriber.
They can turn you from complete unknown into trusted authority in seconds.
They can transform a quiet webpage into a festival of conversion.
But if you’re like most marketers, you don’t collect testimonials and you don’t have a plan in place to use them.

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