Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Business as an Experiment

business is an experiment

Minessa Konecky
Transformation Coach
Direct to Success

Hold on to your hats—this week’s interview was energetic, colorful, and FUN.  So many great insights and takeaways for you.

The Digital Marketing tip this week was a response to a question posed by a member of the Rise Together group who wanted to know a bit more about using Google Forms for collecting and organizing information.

I quickly cover:

  • Where to go to create the form
  • How to add questions and text
  • How to change the color
  • How to add a banner
  • How to distribute the form (email, link or embed)
  • Where to go to see the results

Then….. My interview with Minessa Konecky of Direct to Success was so good.  It was so good, in fact, that I’ll paste some of the transcript of the call at the very bottom of this blog post. 

Some of my favorite takeaways:

~ Minessa is a huge Keanu Reeves fan – She wears her ‘super-power-giving’ Keanu t-shirt to networking events to override her introvert traits.  (Many of you know by now that I use my white glasses and crystal necklace to the same effect)

~ Know what you’re trying to accomplish in your business….look at your results without judgement – If you want a different result – take different actions.

~ Think of your business as an experiment

~ When you say “What can I do to improve this next time?” – You empower yourself vs. playing a victim or engaging in negative self-talk.

Minessa invites you to have a bit of fun with her brand new quiz.  Check it out here: Find My Business Blocker

Find Minessa at Direct to Success.

Partial Transcript:

Know what you’re trying to accomplish, and what you’re what results you’re trying to see. And looking at them. And this is critical ** without judgment. **. None of these things are a referendum on who you are as a person. These are simply you’re taking an action and there is a result. If you want a different result, you can take a different action.

So, the first step towards awareness is divorcing the judgment from the awareness because too often when we become aware of something isn’t working, we tend say  “I am a failure” (listen at 15:08 for an analogy about a child with a boo-boo….)

If we don’t know where it hurts….if we don’t know what the ‘thing’ is to fix …. we might judge ourselves – We need to look at what those ‘symptoms’ are telling you. If you accept that it’s not a value judgment on yourself, it becomes less scary to be aware of the things that you want to that you want to change.

(16:30) Regarding Minessa’s growth in her business…..

Over the years, I did activities over and over and over again. And each time I did it, I’m like, I didn’t like the way that I can fix this. I can change that.

Think of your business activities as an experiment. Instead of thinking of things as working and not working, you start thinking okay, I can improve that I can improve that. I don’t want to do that. That’s taking up too much time. And now you’re putting yourself in a position of power as as opposed to a position of victimhood when it’s not working.  Saying “What can I do to change this?”, you’re empowered.


You’ve got to show up in whatever way you can for the people who you’re meant to work with. And if you’re feeling uncomfortable with that, understand you’re feeling uncomfortable with that. Sit in that discomfort. But you’ve got to get over your badass self. This is your ego, telling you to stay safe, but that’s not serving you and it’s not serving the people you’re here to serve.