Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Communication Strategies
Alternatives to Help You Get Unstuck and Clear

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Denise Fitzpatrick, LMHC
Relationship Counseling

First off, Susan offers a digital marketing tip of the week:
Branding Quotes for Sharing.

Many of us enjoy sharing inspirational quotes that we find on the internet. Most of us will simply hit the “share” button. But….consider taking the quote text and overlaying it on either your own images or at least, adding some of your own branding to the image before you share.

Susan offers a quick ‘how-to’ using image editing.

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Next, Denise Fitzpatrick, LMHC of Relationship Counseling of Walpole offers her tips for dealing with Communication Challenges.

Some of the best takeaways:
~ It’s natural to become defensive, but instead, step back and try to understand your partner’s perspective. Are they worried? Skeptical?

Try phrases such as:
~~ “Let me help you feel more at ease about this”
~~ “Perhaps I can calm your anxiety around this”
~~ “I can understand why you might be feeling a bit anxious. If I were in your shoes, I might feel the same”

Validate the partner’s feelings and helping them understand – Don’t have to come at it defensively.

You can only manage how you choose to react.

Really try to understand each other’s situation.
It sounds simple. But it’s not always easy.

Take a moment:


It takes a focused effort to start this new habit.

In our professional arena:
Don’t make assumptions.
To make sure you’ve communicated clearly – check in and ask “Are you clear on what we need to do?” or “Can you repeat that back to me so that I can make sure we are clear on the expectations”

Denise is offering her download: 5 Tips for Communication that Connects. You can download that – or schedule a free 15-minute consultation at