Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Is Your Robotic Mind Sabotaging You?

Carrie Beers robotic mindset

Carrie Beers
CEO and Founder
Lead Like a C.O.A.C.H.

First off…. I push back a bit on the idea of “Robot” mind – to opine about the great value I’ve found in systems.

As a creative, and a bit of an introvert, and – if nothing else, always an “A” student….I find I thrive when I know what the parameters, the template, the system, the process is to get to the next step. In the Rise Above Noise Facebook group, this month I’m focusing on the book and concept “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. I am really hopping on that concept in that I’ve begun to block out time every day for the ONE Thing I am working toward in the longer goals (a supportive membership program for heart-centered entrepreneurs to grow at their own pace and with support and guidance from my team and from the community we are building)

I also am super-enthusiastic about setting up email and content calendar systems for my clients – the ‘system’ actually ends up allowing them to have more freedom and creativity – and, also, to build measurable results. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to teach!
So – Carrie Beers and I have an insightful conversation on the value of systems that support our need to be in-flow and creative while actually working on our business goals.

Carrie tells us that whether you run a business or not, working on your mindset is critical in order to fully live and not just exist. Mindset affects your entire way of thinking, and your thinking determines the actions you then take.

Carrie’s life work involves teaching people how to live the C.O.A.C.H. Principles which are:
• A Strong Communicator
• Open -Minded, Heart, Thinking
• Aligned – You with your life, career, business, company, etc.
• Curious – Don’t settle, be creative, explore, questions everything, have better conversations and connections.

Carrie’s goal is to help you establish your goals for 2020 outside of a robotic mindset.
She’s offering special pricing for a 2020 Strategic Planning Visualization Exercise that will help you align your true desires with your goals creating alignment with who you truly are.

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