digital marketing workshop takeaways and action items
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The goal of the workshop was to send everyone home with a handful of immediate action items to give them momentum in their digital marketing efforts towards reaching their authentic audience.

elevator speech
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Keep Your Intro Short and Interesting

First impressions still mean so much. Introducing yourself with a polished message gives the impression that you are confident and professional (even if you are quaking inside). Create an elevator speech.

collaborative strategizing in group learning connections
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The Power of Working in Groups

Business & networking groups provide a learning connection that is ripe for idea generation & collaborative strategizing- a familiar, safe haven from loneliness, a space to ask for, and offer, support.

Empowering Entrepreneurs
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Empowering Entrepreneurs – March Digest

I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.
This month’s topics are on the topic of building and working within tribes to increase our reach and engagement.

Empowering Entrepreneurs
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Empowering Entrepreneurs – January Digest

I’ve rounded up 5 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.
This month’s topics are on the topic of finding your “Zone of Genius” and living/working with an attitude of gratitude.

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Should Brands Stop Using Facebook in 2018?

Mark Zuckerberg just announced a big change impacting the Facebook newsfeed. Facebook has realized that we, as users, are increasingly annoyed by the amount of content we see that comes from brands and publishers and not from friends. There is no reason to panic and drop Facebook

ask me another - digital marketing and social media tips
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How Do You Look?

How can I make sure that my business is showing up accurately in online searches? Does my website truly reflect who I am, what I do, and what I offer? A digital review can help you answer these questions.

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Maximizing Return on Your Vendor Events

Gotta love ’em –  Vendor Events are a wonderful opportunity to connect with other businesses. If you are displaying your products or services at upcoming vendor events, please – seriously, I mean it – please – make sure that you are making the most of the marketing opportunities that these events truly are for your […]

our most powerful tool is listening

The Divine Download

Spending time working on the larger picture of how I am my business – rather than on the daily grind of running it – allowed me to connect with “What’s Next”.

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One Step at a Time Spotlight: Kari Yasi

Kari wanted to revamp her online presence and to develop a fresh launch of her intuitive business coaching programs with email marketing and social media strategies.

rise above the noise, digital marketing, wordpress camp 2017 ri
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WordCamp Rhode Island 2017

Rise Above The Noise – Digital Marketing: How can a small business owner utilize her unique talents, skills, voice to differentiate herself from the static out there?

power of email marketing
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The Power of Email

Email marketing is a smart, affordable way for you to stay connected with your contacts so you can grow your business.