Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Serving Your Clients with Love through Coaching

clara angelina diaz coaching

Clara Angelina Diaz
Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author, Facilitator

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to shine the spotlight on my friend, Clara Angelina Diaz.  Clara, a native of The Dominican Republic, is a certified master
coach, speaker, facilitator, and author. She coaches emerging and established entrepreneurs on developing their leadership skills. As a result, her clients increase their emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness, strategic thinking, interpersonal skills, confidence and sense of calm. Clara is booked regularly to speak and deliver workshops on her book Create Your Best Year, One Day at a Time.
In her private practice, ClaraFying, LLC she specializes in working with leaders across various industries with a special focus on attorneys, entrepreneurs, and women of color around the world. She offers private coaching, coaching certification training, business mentoring, workshops, and transformational retreats. Clara is also a business mentor with Pepperlane and Entrepreneurship for All, two national efforts to provide access to entrepreneurship to mothers and emerging communities.

Some of my favorite takeaways:

  • It’s worth the time and energy to do a Wheel of Life Exercise. Find the one or two small things you can do right away to feel better in a particular area.
  • When we give ourselves permission to acknowledge what we are already doing right – be kind to ourselves, we are worthy, you are good enough – It makes a huge difference in how we move forward
  • What if you gave yourself the opportunity to write down – or say -or dance- the things that light you up?  What is the ONE thing you can do right now to take yourself to the next level?
  • Have the courage to really listen to your intuition. Exercise that muscle that allows you to listen to the voice of the wise and compassionate adult within. How different things would be if we approached our marketing that way? What would the wise and compassionate adult within me want to say about how I show up for potential clients?

Since this week’s topic centered around loving service and finding fulfillment and alignment in our work, I wanted to bring some of that wisdom into the digital marketing sphere.

Here is the excerpt I read from The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran:

“The first step is to create a personal vision, a vision that clearly captures and articulates what you want in life. The personal vision should define the life you want to live in all areas, including spiritual, relationships, family, income, lifestyle, health, and community. The personal vision creates the foundation for an emotional link to your business and career objectives so that there is a strong alignment between what you pursue in your business and the life you desire to live.
Your business vision is most powerful when it is developed in light of your personal vision. The reason so many people fail to follow through when things become difficult is due to this lack of connection with their personal lives.”

It’s been my experience, and that of my clients, that when we develop our business vision with clear path to our personal vision – and communicate that in our digital marketing – in how we show up online –  it becomes easier and more effective to do ‘the things’ that align will help us grow our business.  Supporting the values and mission with strategies and systems that save time and protect energy allows my heart-centered entrepreneurs to show up – with consistency and integrity – for those who are already looking for them.

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