Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
The Idea Method: A Framework for Clarity in Business Growth

clarity for business growth dolores hirschmann

Dolores Hirschmann
Idea Generator Coach
Masters in Clarity

So – if you’re an idea generator like I am – you probably have a million ideas floating around at all times.

If you’re like me… might find that you often feel like you don’t know which idea to focus on at which moment.

  • What is going to bring clients?
  • What is going to feed your creativity?
  • What will save time and be most effective?

Join the conversation with Dolores Hirschmann of Masters in Clarity. Dolores runs a successful coaching practice that helps clients clarify their idea worth sharing and implement business growth systems. As a speaker coach, Dolores leverages the TED speaking platform to turn successful professionals into thought leaders in their field.

Dolores’ superpower is making sense of chaos (shoes, thoughts, ideas, emotions, puzzle pieces, kids screaming, complex math, recipes…) We talk about trusting that the road ahead will reveal our next steps, we simply need to get the vehicle in motion and allow ourselves the confidence that we will follow the path to get us where we intend to go.

We share the common feelings of entrepreneurs. Those highs and lows that are the norm for all of us. Don’t delay the doing – don’t delay the implementation.

3 steps to learning:
~ Being exposed to the information
~ Applying the information to your reality
~ Integrating that information in a consistent way.

Most of us hoard programs and information! Dolores believes that when she has clarity – she can take action.

Listen to our conversation -I know you will be inspired – I was! I am!