Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
What stories are holding you back?

kari yasi - clarity for entrepreneurs

Kari Yasi
Intuitive Strategist

This week, Susan moves her focus off of digital marketing for a minute to talk about the struggles many of her clients and community members are experiencing in running their business.  ACCOUNTABILITY and ISOLATION.  Susan and Kari discuss the different Mastermind or Accountability group models and the almost-magic effect they can have on a person’s time management, goal setting and productivity.  Small steps the next step.  Each step brings you closer to project completion and closer to the Grand Picture. 

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Here were some of the highlights of this conversation with Kari Yasi – Intuitive Strategist:

So many of us carry stories with us….. We think the stress should be there.  Something like “It needs to be challenging to be worth it”

Ask ourselves – “What do WE really want?”   Get honest with ourselves –  And ask ‘WHY?”  Why do we want the wants?   Create awareness around what we are really looking for.  What is the perceived outcome?

Do you want more?  Clients? Success? Time?    When was the last time you defined what SUCCESS means to YOU?   How do you know when you get there?

How do you know how to get THERE if you don’t know what THERE is?

Trying to do it ALL – is the easiest way to move AWAY from Clarity.


What are the outside stories and expectations that are running our thoughts and actions?

Are we buying into thoughts of  “I have to……….X or  X or X … be worthy.”

What if the story became……’the stronger boundaries I have and protect my energy – that would tie into my self worth”

:::: Just breathe. ::::  

Allow the awareness of another possibility.  Just sit with it for a bit.  Allow the idea of another possibility allows things to shift.

Ask – what do I really want? Why do I want it? What does it look like?

What do I believe about what’s stopping me from getting there.


You can not attach guilt and shame  to any of your WHY.

What do you want to shift in your life?  What’s stopping you?  Is it real?  What could be the new story.  You can rewrite the new story.



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