create content that is useful, engaging, easy to digest

I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over again. You absolutely must create content for your platforms.

Are you clear as to why that’s important? The main mission of content marketing is to reach and engage with your audience while also building trust. When performed consistently, content marketing makes it that much more likely that when your audience is, indeed, ready to buy or hire a service, they will consider you.  You will be top of mind and trusted.

create content that is useful, engaging, easy to digestToday’s audiences are more savvy and they are absolutely more demanding.  None of us will settle for the same-old-same-old. It’s up to us to create content that is useful, engaging, easy to digest and easy to access. If we don’t offer up information that folks will actually read and find useful, it’s likely they’ll just head somewhere else.

I know – I hear it every day – “I just don’t have time to come up with something all the time!”
I wonder if it will surprise you to know that some of the best content marketers not only create their own great content, but they’ll often beef it up with a percentage of curated content.

Some of the marketing strategists note that by sharing someone else’s ideas and expanding upon them with your own thoughts and experiences, you end up gaining credibility. Curating gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge and your insights, and therefore, make whatever you curated more valuable in the process. Essentially, that is the definition of content curation.

Adding your own perceptive insights to an article, or boiling it down to the most salient points allows you to be a trusted guide for your audience on the topic you would like to share. Feel free to share your point of view, point out other options, and guide the audience to further their education on the topic by leading them to more similar articles. In this way of thinking, you’d be similar to a guide, channeling the interests of your audience by thoughtfully deciding what to publish.

Here are 5 basic standards when determining when you should incorporate a piece into your curated collection for your content marketing program.

1. Pertinent
While it seems obvious, it’s important to always determine whether a particular article is relevant to your target audience. Make sure to decide whether it offers any additional insights that your audience doesn’t already know.

2. Credible
Always, always, check to make sure that the content you will be sharing is from a source you can trust. Always check the original sources and references. Remember, your own credibility is on the line. You are the one determining the quality.

3. Diverse
Not every piece in your collection has to be of your own point of view or opinion. Keep things real by making sure you are offering a range of facts, opinions, and insights around a particular topic. Try to present a collection that introduces and covers important ideas, organized in a way that makes sense to you. Be sure to consider your target audience. 

4. Validating
Take a look at what you’ve collected and will be offering to your audience. Does the collection validate your own perspective? Does it offer additional insights?  You curated collection will be able to validate what you already know, and should also lead to new learning about a particular topic.

5. Unique
Are you able to offer a unique perspective? Can you offer your audience information and insights that they may not find somewher else? Is your point of view engaging? Can you present the information is such a way that it is compelling to read? This will be your opportunity to highlight and render the information, to help define the area of your expertise, the strength of your knowledge and clarify your opinion on the matter.

According to Jay Baer on Convince & Convert, “Content curation is the art and science of finding and sharing quality content on a specific topic. Curation helps you build an audience. You then have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content, and who can spread the word.” Curating a collection is an ongoing activity, not a one-time event. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

When carried out correctly, curation can be a key ingredient in your content marketing program. Positioning yourself as “The Resource” in your area will help you build your audience of fans and followers, and along the way convert prospects into buyers.

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