Rise Above the Noise

Conversations with some really smart, intuitive, creative, generous, authentic experts who will share some of their wisdom with you to help you spotlight your genuine offerings, attract more clients, and be happier in your business

Chantelle Davis-Gray
Web and Brand Design for Do-Good, Feel-Good Businesses™.

Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic: Making Sure Your Website Works For You

Enjoy this week’s chat with Chantelle Davis-Gray.

First, I’ll share the 3 steps to take for you to download a spreadsheet with your LinkedIn connections so that you can sort through them and create segmented lists for your email marketing.

THEN – Spotlight on Making Your Website Work FOR YOU!

Chantelle Davis-Gray highlights the most important elements to keep in mind when creating or updating your website in order to attract and convert clients.

MY Takeaway – BE CLEAR.

  • Keep the pages CLEAR of clutter.
  • Make sure your Calls to Action (BUTTONS) CLEARLY state what you want the visitor to DO!

Rachel Kaczynski
Growing a judgement-free community for women
Healthy Chicks

Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic: Positivity, Affirmations, and Gratitude to empower you in your business and personal life.

I am feeling soooo much Gratitude to Rachel Ski of Healthy Chicks for sharing her wisdom this morning. My favorite tidbits:;

~ When you’ve had time to reflect on your gratitudes regularly – then, during the day, when you feel “blah” – it is the perfect time to come back to them.

~ Create a “Nourishment Menu” – a list of things that you know light you up. Refer to it regularly and make sure you make one of the menu items a priority every day.

~ Energy flows where the attention goes.

Cathy Ripley Greene

Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic: The Power of Using Intuition in our Business

My intuition told me that this session was going to be special – and I was right! I know you will enjoy listening to Cathy as much as we all did.

Today’s takeaway: Remember – we are ALL psychic, intuitive beauties and we can use our superpowers for business, personal and spiritual endeavors.

Thinking you don’t want to go somewhere – don’t go, there is a reason you should not be there. Trust your gut. Feeling like you should get up and go, right this very moment – Trust your gut. Most times you will not be steered wrong.

When thinking about a business decision, let it sit in your heart for a few minutes or a day – FEEL what is right for you and then decide.

Continue to be blessed AND be the blessing!

JD Rose | Transformational Coaching & Tarot
The best way to predict your future is to create it

Much gratitude to JD Rose for introducing us to recognizing our limiting beliefs – and how we can deal with them in order to move forward in our potential.

JD discussed the nature and impact of limiting beliefs in our professional life.

She provided us with a simple technique that can help us in the event we find ourselves in the grip of a limiting belief.

A reminder that You are NOT your thoughts…..

My favorite JD takeaway: “I never met a thought that makes you feel like crap that is actually true”