Today’s “Rise Above The Noise” Topic:
Manage Copyright – Don’t Let it Manage You

Copyright for business entrepreneur

Barbara Ingrassia
Manage Copyright

We begin with a digital marketing moment.

Susan shares her process for being super strategic in engaging in online groups (Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter Lists) with the intent of being a resource and offering support within the groups to keep top of mind – and to avoid only hopping into the groups to be “selly”. Susan suggests one-2 hours tops to ‘show up’ in these platforms and not get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media.

Barbara Ingrassia is a Certified Copyright Manager, Speaker and Trainer.

She has a passion for raising awareness of the role of copyright in our daily lives. We are all Consumers and Creators of copyright-protected works, and understanding some copyright basics can help us achieve our goals and avoid unpleasant “surprises.” You will see that Barbara enjoys bringing some fun to a (potentially) dull, but vital, topic.

Barbara’s motto: Manage Copyright. Don’t let it Manage You

Barbara tells us Copyright Law in the digital age can seem like a “gray murky ooze” — confusing and complicated. The safest/quickest answer to any copyright-related question is … IT DEPENDS. ARGH!

But there are some basic principles that can help us navigate that gray murky ooze. We will explore some of those together.

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