Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Cultivating Purpose with Your Business

empowering women entrepreneurs

Rebecca Reynolds Moore
Business owner on a mission to support & encourage women

My Digital Marketing Tips for This Week:

1: What’s the ONE thing digital that will bring the MOST bang for the buck (and time) for a business – No big surprise here….My answer is Email Marketing – And I’ll tell you why
2: How I am able to have guest panelists on my Facebook Live interviews (It’s a Zoom thing)

Then…I really enjoyed my interview with Rebecca Moore of InANutShell Consulting.

Rebecca’s mission is to change this paradigm and help women entrepreneurs create successful businesses on their own terms. She works with founders to clarify business objectives, develop a concrete action plan, and build a compelling story. Rebecca wants business owners to save precious resources, identify time-saving solutions and tools, and to encourage accountability.

Here are some of my favorite takeaways from our talk:

~ What aspect of your business makes you completely lose track of time
~ Use your superpowers daily – while being self-disciplined to do all the things
~ Be intentional about your mission. Define your purpose message around the type of client you most want to work with.
~ Surround yourself with people who are on a similar journey….. maybe they’re even a step or two ahead of where you are.

Enjoy a 30-minute coaching session with Rebecca.