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As a digital marketing strategist, my focus is on empowering small business owners and independent professionals with an arsenal of tips, tools, resources and strategies that enable them to connect and engage with their targeted audience in meaningful ways. I consider myself a loyal partner, a patient teacher, and a fierce advocate for my clients.

So, for instance, this month I had the pleasure (seriously, I love this stuff) of performing website and online platform reviews for a number of clients. I went through each and every page of their website, searched for them on Google, and examined their social media platforms. The clients received a 3-5 page report of everything I found (the good, the bad, and in a few cases, the ugly). 

website and online platform review services

Of course, I list some of the obvious: broken links, spelling/grammar errors, missing images.

But it’s my opinion that the greatest value that my clients receive is the part of the investigative report in which I point out game-changing possibilities such as:

    • Calls-to-action
    • Helpful new pages to add (my favorites: FAQs and Testimonials)
    • A lengthy list of possible blog topics pulled from their current content
    • Links – inbound possibilities, outbound suggestions and – my favorite – links to keep your reader navigating around your site longer to learn more about you
    • Easy-to-implement strategies for posting content on a regular basis
    • How to wrap it all up pretty and send it directly to your clients. (otherwise known as email marketing – the easy way)
I mentioned my focus is on empowering – right?  So the next part of this service is when I sit beside the client (or at a screen-sharing meeting) to review this report step-by-step.

After this 1-2 hour summary session, the client is fully educated on his/her own digital marketing status.  We’ve identified the 3 most important items to take care of immediately. We’ve discussed strategies on how to execute these 3 first-steps.

The rest of the items on the list can be prioritized as needed.The client now has what is essentially a “how-to manual” on how to own and grow their online presence. At this point, the owner will decide how much they want to execute on their own. I am fortunate to have an amazing network of professionals, so if the client opts to outsource, I am happy to refer them to a trusted colleague.

I am thrilled to have resources to be able to offer a business owner the knowledge, the tools and a support system to grow their business through digital marketing strategy.

Wondering if a digital marketing review would be helpful for your business?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute phone call with me. Together, we can take a look at your platforms and discuss your goals.