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I don’t have all the answers – but I do have some of the answers.

Here is this month’s installment of:
“Ask Me Another – Your Digital Marketing Questions Answered”

Question:  Do I Really Have to Be on Every Social Network?

Answer: Yikes! No!

Although you might think it’d be great to increase your visibility by jumping on every available social network, seriously – it’s just too much to take on! Instead of creating accounts just for the sake having a profile, get strategic with the networks you choose.

How do I figure out which social networks to become active on?

Well, where do you think your audience is spending their time? Need some help figuring it out? Check out this great social media marketing guide put together by the folks at Sprout Social.

sharing on social media - thought leadership
As you may know by now – my philosophy is “Be the Resource”.

Be completely involved in learning and sharing all the greatest content in your ‘zone’ as it aligns with the message you intend to send and the personal brand you intend to cultivate.

So, go ahead and take a look around at the various networks you are considering. Spend some time to identify ways that you add value to the discussions that are taking place already.

Question: Do I Really Have Anything To Share on Social Media?

Answer: How can you NOT share!

today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.

You, alone, will know your audience better than anyone else. You’ve worked on the ‘Know-Like-Trust’ factor in ‘real life’. You’ve got your finger on the pulse of your ideal customer’s needs, lifestyle and pain points.

Again –

Be the Resource – Be Better at Teaching

LISTEN – What are the questions you are asked over and over again?

Answer those questions.

You’re already following influencers in your industry who are creating great content – Go ahead and share their stuff if it applies.  Alternately, you can use their posts to give you ideas for your content in your own voice.

Here are 2 of my favorite resources to help you get started – or to take your blogging to the next, and easier, level:

  1. Marcus Sheridan – interviewed by Michael Stelzner – “Why Answering Questions Sells” –  on the Social Media Examiner podcast     (I recommend you skip over the drama hype at the top of the podcast – no offense meant to Mr. Stelzner – just get to the juicy stuff with Marcus)
  2. Blog Topic Generator by Hubspot – Fill in the fields with terms related to your product/service and this tool generates a week’s worth of relevant blog posts within seconds.  Try it out.
To summarize this edition of Ask Me Another:

NO – You do NOT have to be on every single platform there is.

YES – You DO have something to share. Be relevant and resourceful on the platforms where you decide to engage.


Are you curious about other ways to make your social media efforts easier and more valuable to your business growth?