rise above the noise digital marketing workshop

At our workshop on May 1 at the Norwood Space Center, we had the opportunity to discuss the incredibly simple, yet profound, philosophy of listening to the questions your customers have been asking you and creating detailed, informative, and nonbiased articles centered around answering those questions as honestly and completely as possible. Equally important is utilizing your “tribes,” your “collaboratives,” your “people” to exponentially increase your reach.

The goal of the workshop was to send everyone home with a handful of immediate action items to give them momentum in their digital marketing efforts towards reaching their authentic audience. There were other takeaways, as well. I’ve shared a selection of the comments here.


  • Create a monthly Email newsletter
  • Check out Constant Contact
  • Update my website
  • Create a blog for my website
  • Work with team members to create content
  • Use calls to action
  • Create content for an ‘answers’ page
  • Review analytics
  • Create a calendar of social media posts – topic for each day
  • Schedule out my social media posts – better time management
  • Invite people to leave reviews on my FB biz page
  • Create more testimonials posts


  • I feel like I have direction now – doesn’t seem as overwhelming
  • Lots of work, but manageable if broken down.
  • Create an accountability system for myself
  • Scheduling makes doing this less of a rabbit hole
  • Determine direction for new perspectives in digital marketing.
  • Importance of FAQs, SAQs, MAQs as a way of positioning services and expectations – to create content for my site
  • Building an email list, gather my contacts’ information
  • Review my contacts to get referrals
  • Collect testimonials in one place
  • Invite people to keep in touch
  • Keep email newsletters short and sweet
  • Be consistent with posts and emails
  • My organization does important work – people need to be able to learn about it
  • Use Canva to make quotes all at one time
  • Identify my tribe
  • Continue to build tribe relationships
  • Amplifying messages
  • Engagement drives social visibility
  • Network with influencers
  • Give real-life examples
  • hugyourhaters.com for examples of how to manage poor reviews
  • Create calls to action

I had an incredibly fun time with this group. We had some challenges with our space that made some of the presentation truly have to “rise above the noise’, but everyone’s sense of humor and eagerness to learn and engage were contagious and encouraging.

I can not wait to bring this workshop to more organizations!

Folks have asked for the fun to continue.  To that, I’m offering digital marketing accountability group programs. It’s been my experience that working in small groups, essentially building our own ‘board of directors’  – sharing goals, successes and challenges – is incredibly powerful in helping to propel a business to the next desired level. I hope you will contact me to learn more.  I will be scheduling these around your desired schedules.