Today’s “Rise Above Noise” Topic:
Ditch the Guilt.
Say “Yes” to LESS

Kathryn Ford Richter, BSN, RN
Self Care and Mindset Coach

First off, Susan gives her digital marketing strategy of the week:
Have a goal!

When you are spending time posting – blogs, social media, emails – make sure you are leading toward the ACTION you want the readers to take. Preferably – you will have a way to measure the preferred action –

Susan uses the example of a caterer whose #1 priority always is to have someone fill out a ‘request a quote’ form (or call them). That is the “money” page.

Using Insights from Google Analytics or a website dashboard will help you track how the actions you take on different platforms drive traffic to your own “money” page.

Then –
A very insightful discussion with Kathryn Ford Richter, a Self Care and Mindset Coach.  She talks to us today about how we can stop taking on more than we can handle and giving our energy away so we can be happier, healthier and more successful, personally and professionally.

Here are some of my takeaways from our chat:

When you feel in control of your own life – You are sleeping better. Your relationships strengthen. You simply have more energy.

To manage your own energy takes practice – It’s actually about creating new habits to make some shifts.
We are the ones that can set the boundaries around our own time and obligations.
It’s important to step back and get really clear on your “Why”…..Especially in business.

Step into your “WHY” to find the source of your energy for the work you’ll need to accomplish

No one ever says “I wish I didn’t go to yoga” “I wish I hadn’t meditated” “I wish I hadn’t had that cup of tea in the sunshine”

A strategy for prioritizing:
Make a List – ‘to remember’ – Then you can decide which are the priority items. Take the top 5. Give those an “A”. Rate them in priority. This holds you accountable to get the one thing done. Set a timer. Celebrate the wins!
At the end of the day – we have choices. It’s OK to say no to things. It’s actually beneficial to say no to some things.

Step back – look at your whole schedule – all the days and weeks – find your busy times….maybe schedule down days in between
We, as business owners, have those energetic fluctuations – We too often give our energy away. It’s so important to take care of ourselves first. We need to save some energy for our self to be efficient and show up to make the difference we really want to make.

Another strategy:
Pie Chart method….. Keep track of the time spent on different things/activities each day. No judgment – just noticing – Make note – then see if there is somewhere you can make an adjustment to fit more of what feeds you. What serves you most?

When you are your best self, how are you best able to serve the people you are meant to help?

Treat yourself and talk to yourself like you are own best friend

Say YES to LESS.