Seriously, Rebeca has every reason you can possibly think of to be a miserable wretch. I won’t go into the details, but just understand, that having sustained a spinal cord injury and brain trauma almost 18 years ago, she is not the healthy, active grandma we’d both anticipated she’d be at this point in both our lives.

Mom lives in the long-term care household at New Bridge on the Charles in Dedham, MA. Requiring full-time, skilled care means that Rebeca is not involved in the day-to-day life-happenings of her own family.  She experiences pain when she walks with her walker, so is resigned to using the wheelchair more than ever. She is unable to perform most of her daily tasks without the help of the amazing, caring, dedicated community at New Bridge. Rebeca’s short-term memory is spotty, at best. Rebeca has every right to be miserable.

Here’s the thing. Rebeca considers herself one of the most lucky and happy people on the planet!

Ask her at any moment  ….  She will expound upon any number of reasons to be over-the-top happy in that moment.

  • The sky is a beautiful shade of blue and we are so fortunate to be experiencing that blue right now.
  • Lucy helped her pick out the earrings and necklace today. Lucy and all of the folks in the 2 SouthEast Household are so wonderful to her.
  • This salad we are eating is so colorful and tasty.
  • Look at everyone having lunch.  Isn’t it wonderful we can all be here today?

My mother has nothing bad to say about anyone – anything – anywhere – anytime.

How can that be?

This morning, I was listening to the Ted Radio Hour rebroadcast of Simply Happy”.  I was struck by the content of the podcast and how it relates to my mom. This caused me to reflect upon how I will move forward in this new year.

The podcast is broken up into a number of sections:

  • Is There a Secret to Happiness?
  • Are We Happier When We Stay in the Moment?
  • What Happens When We Slow Down?
  • Does Less Stuff Mean More Happiness?
  • What Does It Take To Be Grateful?

What does it take to be Grateful?
What does it take to be Grateful?

Friends, this is how I intend to move forward in the new year.

Be More Like Rebeca!


At this point in my professional life, I am most happy in my work when I am able to be a coach and a resource for small business owners.

I am grateful to be involved in the work I do – and for the opportunity to help others follow their own ‘happy’ in their professional journey.

digital marketing tips
  • Share your Genius. Be a Resource. Be Valuable. 

  • Make it Easy to learn about your uniqueness and to connect with you.

  • Stay in Touch.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as a valuable resource in my business community. I look forward to continuing to be a loyal partner, a patient teacher, and a fierce advocate for my clients. (What do I do?)

    And a connector……always a connector……

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