If everyone’s email inbox is so full, and so noisy, is it really worth it to begin and maintain an email marketing strategy for your business?

The Truth?
Email marketing is still going strong today, and may likely be the best possible strategy for your business.

In her most recent blog post, “You Had Me at Hello”, Beth Knaus, owner of That’s a Spade Copywriting Services, writes:

Think about how the emails you receive make you feel, or not. Emails that are dry, automated, and general are just boring. But the ones that speak to you as if you’re part of the conversation, the ones that have energy and useful information are the ones you are willing to invest your time in…… Persuading readers to open your email, and better yet, click through and take action requires some strategy. But once you develop your voice, and figure out what gets those clicks, you’re on your way.

If you are going to show up in someone’s inbox, it’s kind of like being invited to someone’s home.

You want to show up with integrity and courtesy.

You’re a guest in their inbox.

5 Simple Email Marketing Strategy Rules:

  • Get permission

  • Offer great content

  • Offer the right content to the right audience

  • Measure your results (adjust as needed)

  • Be consistent

Email marketing delivers huge returns for marketers willing to get started with a plan.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated.

If you’ve been ignoring email marketing, it probably time for you to take a closer look at this valuable and profitable strategy.

Ask me how the “Rise Above Noise” strategy will save you time and engage more clients for your business.

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