August is all about slowing down, being happy, and appreciating time with friends and family. It is a great month to use your email marketing to inspire your customers to use your products or services before it is time to head back to school.

Email marketing remains a successful marketing tactic that delivers great results—even in a world of increasing mobile and social channels.

the power of email marketing

Wondering what the heck you can send to your audience this month?

email marketing content ideas

Here are a few ideas:

1: Take Part in National Simplify Your Life Week!

Did you check in on your 2017 goals at the halfway point last month? Use this week to reprioritize your tasks and eliminate inefficiencies. Simplify your to do list by stopping tasks that don’t align with or support your goals.

How: Make your email marketing even easier by setting up an autoresponder series. Just set it and forget it!

2: Friendship Day and Sisters Day

Inspire customers with ways to celebrate their friendships and siblings by providing ideas, such as planning a special outing together, giving them a call, or exchanging a small gift. Perhaps you can provide a small incentive for them to celebrate together using your products or services.

How: Create a coupon campaign

3: Celebrate Happiness Happens Month

Send an email to express how happy you are that your contacts are a part of your community and support your business. Find out what makes your contacts happy and what they would like to see in your email marketing by sending a survey or adding a poll action block.

How: Send a Survey or add a Poll Action Block

4: Get Ready for Back to School

Help customers prepare for back to school not only by tackling their shopping list, but share a bucket list of fun summer activities to do before time runs out!

How: Add a read more block or a link to your favorite activities

Email newsletters are some of my favorite projects to work on.  I hope that you will contact me if you have any questions at all about setting you your own Email marketing program. I would love to help you get it started out on the right note.