Emojis – Love ’em or Hate ’em?

emojis in digital marketing

If I’m being honest – I didn’t always love emojis. 😟 They seemed kind of silly to me at first.

Emojis  – those small icons—smiley faces, winking eyes, ❣ hearts of all shapes, sizes, and colors— are everywhere these days!  They increase the precision and nuance of our so so so brief and way-too-easy-to-misunderstand communications.

🖼 Sometimes a picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words.

But now – I actually find quite a bit of value in using emojis. I find that they help me to add tone and clarity to my communications.  But – don’t overuse them.  😣That’s just annoying. That said, I added a bunch to this blog just for fun – but, I wouldn’t usually use them in blogs – mostly just on social media or email.

I also find that using them in ✉ email subject lines or in social media posts increases the views or other actions for that platform. I think that is true because they so very, very quickly communicate a particular message.

Emojis are not labeled, so that means that their meaning is up to those who use them and who see them. Often, they’ll communicate an easily identified thought or feeling so they are mostly understood in context.

Emojis can be used in an infinite number of ways.
Here are some of the most common:

  • To lighten the mood by introducing sarcasm or humor
  • To soften a tough message
  • To find a more comfortable way to express the situation
  • To communicate when words just don’t cut it
  • Other thoughts about emojis.

Emojis can:

  • Delight and entertain the reader(s)
  • Amplify the meaning of a particular message
  • May often say so much more “than a thousand words” in only one glance in that it has an immediate effect.
  • May actually produce the same effect in the human brain that a human face does

I’ve been using emojipedia.com to grab some code to add emojis to subject lines in emails.  I’ve also added some emoji keyboards to my iPhone and play around with other emoji sources around the internet.

I’ve turned the corner.

Now, I love emojis – for the simple fact that they are super-efficient.

I think you might enjoy them, too

Some great emoji reading: