I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help solopreneurs make the best use of tools and strategies to help them in their business.

Honoring Your Productivity Zone

Productivity- a method to the madness, a strategy to keeping all our ducks in a row, the list could go on!
As entrepreneurs, we are constantly taking on endless tasks and large projects completely on our own and have to learn how to get EVERYTHING done, all while doing the job of about ten other people. Productivity is going to be vital in our journey to success as entrepreneurs and small business owners, but it’s incredibly important to build a productivity “zone” that works best for you and to honor that zone. Are you more productive in the morning, or are you a night owl that tends to get everything done outside of normal business hours? Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city outside your window, or do you prefer the peace and quiet of nature to work alongside?
Questions like these, and many others, will help you to form a productivity zone that will not only work for YOU as an entrepreneur but will help move your small business further down the path to success. Find what works for you and stick with it! Honoring your productivity zone will have you cranking out tasks, projects and new content like nobody’s business!

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Finding the Sweet Spot

In the professional world, everyone has their sweet spot. You know, that moment, where you’re so deeply focused on tasks and everything else around you sort of disappears and fades into silence?
Whether you’re working on a project, preparing for a presentation or trying to get through your to-do list, finding that sweet spot of productivity is one of the key tools in ensuring the success of a small business. Learn these three easy, but important tricks that will help you to find that sweet spot, that moment that will help you to reach your full productivity potential.
Clearing your mental clutter, building a fortress against interruptions and preparing your brain to go into a deep state of focus will not only ensure that you are separated from any and all distractions, but will help to strengthen your mindset for the tasks at hand. You will be prepared, both mentally and physically, to delve into that sought after sweet spot!

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Getting in the Zone

Although we know what the “productivity zone” actually is, the question of how exactly to get there still remains! With an endless list of tasks to complete and constant activity going on, it can be a little bit difficult for entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach that spot of intense focus. The key to achieving the productivity zone is to fully prepare your mind and body to get there! Training yourself to actually block out all distractions and to dedicate that exact moment to just getting work done can be a little tricky, but these nine tips and tricks will help you get there. They’re easy, fool proof and will have you delving into the productivity zone in no time at all!

1. Know your best working hours

2.Visualize your goals and expected outcome

3. Set out your daily goals

4. Choose a playlist of instrumental or electronic music

5. Use nature to help improve your focus

6. Harness the power of meditation

7. Avoid distraction by scheduling “communication” breaks

8. Opt for snacks that improve brain focus 9. Stay confident in your abilities

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Going With the Productivity Flow

A flow state is a term used to describe a zone of productivity when a person gives their complete and undivided attention to an activity or task.

For those who are able to delve into a flow state, they aren’t as easily distracted, they tend to have the ability to finish work faster and genuinely care about the tasks at hand. All other distractions, all other thoughts disappear and sometimes, such a deep state of focus can cause people to lose track of time. They tend to put other work onto the back burner in order to get that particular task completed and sometimes even forget to eat or to get a few minutes of sleep! Taking the time to put time limits, or “pomodoro” on each task, will continue to allow you to stay focused, but will also remind you to take a well deserved break between assignments!

Pomodoro is a fantastic way to inspire us to reach a flow state because with a time limit, we are more inclined to ignore those pesky distractions and to buckle down on the tasks in front of us.

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