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I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

Five Signs You’re Undercharging For Your Services

Five Signs You’re Undercharging For Your Services

When you undercharge for your services you are affected by the gap between the energy you are putting out and the energy of what you’re receiving.  The bigger the gap, the more we are affected in our physical bodies.  We also see reflections of the gap in our lives.  This article outlines the basic signs that you are undercharging for your services (especially if two or more apply to your situation):

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how to stress less when running a small business

How to Stress Less When Running a Small Business

If you are a small business owner, chances are, you are no stranger to stress. You may not even be completely aware of how stressed out you really are. People who live under constant or long-term stress have more health issues and if you own a small business, you’ve created something amazing, something you want to watch flourish.

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4 Things Business Owners Should Ask for from Happy Customers

4 Things Business Owners Should Ask for from Happy Customers

When you use your satisfied customers to your advantage, they can help sell your solution, build trust with new leads, open doors to new opportunities, give you meaningful feedback, and point out areas of improvement. This article outlines four things business owners should ask for from every happy customer.

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How To Achieve A Lot (Even As You Switch Tasks All Day)

How do you maintain a high productivity level when switching tasks?
How do you get the brain and body to handle the transition?
And how do you manage the transitions with a minimum amount of fuss?

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