I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help solopreneurs make the best use of tools and strategies to help them in their business.

The Missing Link to Success

There are a lot of elements that can help to contribute to the success of a small business, but none of those will come to fruition if you aren’t able to maintain consistency! You can have the most creative strategy, flawless social media pages and a fantastic mission, but if you don’t remain consistent in ALL efforts, that success will most likely fall through the cracks. Staying consistent can be a little bit of a challenge, particularly if you’re an entrepreneur and are generally working solo or with just a couple of other people. However, there are many ways to maintain consistency through your small business and these strategies are easy, foolproof and don’t require any extra manpower. By taking a second to develop plan that works best for you and your small business, to bring that plan to life and to create a set of the most appropriate processes and systems, you’ll be able to maintain consistency in your professional ventures and your small business will skyrocket to success before you know it!

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The Secrets to Growing Your Small Business

Psssst! We have something to share with you! The secrets to growing your small business successfully are… consistency and balance, avoiding pursuing instant results and avoiding marketing as an afterthought! All joking aside, these three tactics are essential while growing your small business. Marketing to present and potential clients at all times, not just when business is slow, is extremely important. Marketing consistently to clients and showcasing your business’ goods and services will not only keep them engaged, but will also help you to maintain balance in your workload! Also, don’t forget that this type of marketing consistency and balance can take a bit of time to help bring success to your small business. This may seem discouraging at first, but if you are able to maintain both consistency and balance, your marketing efforts will appear no less than stellar to clients and will help your business ride to the top.

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A Necessary Superpower

Tackling new projects as a professional, particularly as an entrepreneur, can be incredibly exciting. You’re taking on a new challenge, one that will help your business to become more successful than ever and that excitement can truly keep you motivated for a good chunk of time to keep up with that challenge. However, with every new project, there are ups and downs that come along with the accomplishments and sometimes, those moments can be a bit discouraging! Passion is absolutely something you need when it comes to taking on new challenges and projects, but without maintaining a sense of consistency, that passion is only going to be able to take you so far. Henri, marketing expert and founder of the Wake Up Cloud blog, believes that consistency is an essential superpower to have in business and that the four laws of consistency are strategies that will truly help business rise to success.

1. Discipline

2. Patience

3. Taking Action

4. Focus

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Have Consistency, WILL Succeed

Microsoft and Apple. Two incredibly successful tech giants that have been taking the world by storm since Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen and Apple was formed in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. We recognize these companies for their incredible products, their VERY loyal customers, strength in their marketing efforts and enormous presence they have across the world, but these companies and their CEOs didn’t rise to fame overnight! They were solopreneurs themselves once and we can truly learn a great amount from the ways in which they have maintained consistency in their marketing efforts for over 40 years. They have gained momentum in building their business. have had the opportunity to spread their budget across all efforts, have gained incredible customer loyalty and have established systems and procedures that are efficient and easy for employees to master. If you are able to nail down a plan of consistency that works for you AND your small business, you’ll start to see these advantages come to life, slowly but surely!

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