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I’ve rounded up 5 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

marketing goals

Mad Marketing Skills and Drills for Small Business Owners

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that requires a tremendous amount of endurance, drive, passion, and skill. Players need to think on their feet, make quick decisions, and know how to work as a team. In this way, the game of basketball is a perfect metaphor for the game of marketing. Successful marketing takes skill, drive, commitment, and teamwork.  Sometimes all it takes is a little basketball terminology to explain how to succeed in the quick-moving highly-skilled world that is marketing a small business. So lace up your high tops. Game is on.

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coffee makes you awesome

10 Scientific Reasons Drinking Coffee Makes You More Awesome

Coffee is the wonderful elixir of energy that many people cherish every single morning. Many people are familiar with what coffee is, but what many people don’t understand is how coffee actually works and what are some of the amazing benefits of coffee that actually make you a better person for drinking it. Can coffee really be that good for you?

Let’s find out. Read more on medium.com.

mind full or mindful?

Is Your Mind Full or Are You Being Mindful?

When we are in the throes of life, our stress response often kicks into high gear. Our minds race a mile a minute with all that we need to accomplish, and we lose track of where we truly are and the task at hand. Instead of being mindful, or mind is full – very full.

Beth Williamson Ruse tells us:

“I take the daily distractions as a sign. A sign to slow down, become more aware, bring my attention back to the here and now, focusing my attention on my breathing as I take some slow easy breaths. For if I am focused on my breathing, then I am focused on my body. And if I am focused on my body, then my mind and body are connected in the present moment.

When I am connected to the present, I am able to prioritize the tasks at hand and accomplish them mindfully and efficiently. I respond with purpose, rather than react out of panic.”

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entrepreneur- find your online voice

4 Questions to Help You Find Your Voice

Thousands of businesses around the world ask ‘What do I say? What words do I use? Just tell me what to say!’

Sue Bryce, photographer, educator, speaker, shares four questions to get you thinking and help you find your online voice.

  • What is your intention?
  • What are you selling?
  • What problem are you solving?
  • Where do you get the most traction and interaction on your social media?

Get all the details on Animoto.

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