I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help solopreneurs make the best use of tools and strategies to help them in their business.

14 Free Tools Every Solopreneur Needs

Becoming a solopreneur can be one of the most exciting and rewarding paths a professional can take, but can also be one of the most challenging. Taking up the career of a solopreneur means that you are running a business completely on your own, often without the help of a traditional team to assist in getting tasks completed. However, there are many tools available to solopreneurs that are not only extraordinarily helpful in running a business on your own, but are also completely FREE! The following tools are all must-haves for every solopreneur and will help small business to become more successful than ever before.

Solopreneurs Swear By These Tech Tools to Streamline and Get More Done

As solopreneurs, the time we have to complete tasks is very precious, as we often find that we are trying to complete tasks completely on our own! Tech tools are a fantastic way to ensure that those tasks are being completed, but it’s essential that solopreneurs are using them as efficiently as possible. By using apps such as Upwork to search for freelancers and tools such as Zoom or Google Hangout to increase the efficiency of meetings, solopreneurs are able to ensure that they are able to keep their business running without totally running themselves into the ground.  These tools are easily accessible, super easy to use and will help to relieve just a little bit of stress from a solopreneur’s daily to- do list!

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1. Wise Stamp
2. Workflow Max
3. Zapier
4. Shake
5. Square
6. Adobe Spark
7. Hootsuite
9. Grammarly
10. WiseIntro
11. Sited
12. Evernote
13. Portent Title Maker
14. Assistant To

7 Money Saving Tools For Solopreneurs You Absolutely Need

Being a solopreneur comes with a significant amount of responsibility, but one of the most critical aspects is having good money management. As a one person team, solopreneurs often find themselves bombarded with multiple different costs associated with their business, costs that normally wouldn’t be as big of an issue for larger companies to deal with, such as searching for external help. However, there ARE ways in which solopreneurs can take charge of their business-related finances, all without giving up too much of those precious hours during the day! With the help of Margarita Hakobyan’s 7 money-saving tools for solopreneurs, you’ll be able to formulate a financial plan that works best for you AND for your small business!

2. Time Tracking
3. Productivity Tools
4.Online Invoicing and Payment Acceptance
5. Legal Document Creation
6. Social Media Posting
7. Writing Tools

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5 Must-Have Free Bootstrapping Tools for Solopreneurs

Bootsrapping is a term used to describe entrepreneurs who have strong initiative and goals for their business, but lack the budget to actually spend building that business. They focus solely on the business itself and put their knowledge, passion and some amazing free tools to use when marketing and dealing with present and potential clients. WeekPlan, Mail Chimp, Hootsuite, Boomerang for Gmail/Outlook and Google are all completely free and super easy tools that will help every budget savvy entrepreneur to save money, all while marketing their small business. The sources allow you to plan out your goals and agendas, schedule your social media, build email lists and do research at no cost and for those solopreneurs just tarting out, they will be a HUGE help for budgeting and saving purposes!

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