I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to help solopreneurs find systems and strategies to leverage their time and resources for more productivity and goal achievement.

How to Have the Life of a Solopreneur and the Productivity of a Team

The idea of being a solopreneur can be all kinds of wonderful! Working with your own brand, having your own schedule and having the chance to set up that dream “work from home” space are all items that has caused the overall desire to become a solopreneur to skyrocket. However, many aspiring solopreneurs fail to realize one HUGE handicap that comes with running a business completely on your own and that is missing out on being part of a team. Without a team, the productivity in the life of a solopreneur can decrease rapidly, simply because they just don’t have anyone else to rely on for tasks or ideas. How can this be fixed, may you ask? Author and owner of “The Shrink for Entrepreneurs” Peter Shallard discusses how forming an advisory board is key to overcoming this hurdle as an entrepreneur. With a group of people to hold you accountable on your professional promises, your life and career as a solopreneur will take off without a hitch!

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5 Ways to Live Your Best Life as a Solopreneur

Running a company as a team of one is difficult. Without a team to rely on, stiff competition from other entrepreneurs and the lack of stimulation and accountability, it can become a little bit of a challenege for entrepreneurs to maintain happiness and focus, both in their personal and professional lives. However, with the help of Inc. contributor Annabel Acton’s 5 hacks to staying inspired, accountable, sharp, connected and sane, you’ll find yourself THRIVING in the professional world as an solopreneur. You’ll be faced with new ideas, strategies and incredible people who will help you on your way to professional greatness and most importantly, you’ll have the chance to find true happiness and satisfaction in being a solopreneur.

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Creating a Work From Home Space That Works Best For You

Working from home is truly a wonderful thing, particularly in today’s busy professional world. The commute is cut down to simply walking to wherever you may decide to sit for the day, the atmosphere is calmer and quieter and you are able to spend more time with your family. Amazing as that sounds, it is very important to make sure that you are working from home in a space that is going to fit best with your working styles and the type of environment that will allow you to be as productive as possible. Creating boundaries for your office space, having the correct lighting, deciding on music (or no music), and establishing a schedule are all elements that need to be included when creating the most beneficial work-from-home space. If you are able to stick to what works best for you, you’ll be a successful work-from-home solopreneur in no time!

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8 Quick Tips to Become the Most Productive, Work From Home Solopreneur

Productivity is one of the biggest challenges that a solopreneur can face in their careers. With distractions at home, the lack of accountability and incomplete tasks piling up in front of you, it’s common to feel super overwhelmed by the amount of responsibility that’s suddenly on your shoulders.By following these 8 simple and helpful tips, you’ll have the chance to turn your small business into a powerhouse company, all while maintaining that attractive element of independence.

1. Remembering your “WHY”

2. Set SMART goals

3. Do the important tasks first

4. Value your own time

5. Implement efficient routines

6. Separate home and work

7. Don’t go it alone

8. Outsource everything you can

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