Empowering Entrepreneurs

I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

top 25 books for entrepreneurs

Top 25 Entrepreneur Books

Many people want to change their habits for professional reasons. They want to reforge themselves into a better version to help realize a vision of creating something new.

The 25 entrepreneurial, leadership and business books on this list are designed to help those budding entrepreneurs reach their goals.

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3 ways to make your hours count - productivity

3 Ways to Make Your Hours Count

“It is not the amount of hours in your work, but the amount of work in your hours that count.” – Neil Patel.

Try these tips to maximize the amount of work in your hours and increase your productivity:

  1. Cure your email addiction
  2. Set firm boundaries
  3. Take frequent breaks

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being a solopreneur is awesome, entrepreneur

12 Things That Are Awesome About Being a Solopreneur

A solopreneur is also the proverbial chief cook and bottle washer, who started the business, owns the business, runs the business and is responsible for the business’ failure or success.

A solopreneur is not the same as an entrepreneur, however. Both assume risk and build a business, but a solopreneur does it alone.

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working for yourself

You’re Always Working for Yourself

You have to want it. Enthusiasm is a huge part of this. Condition your mind to give your best in either situation. Know that you must take pride in your work. Avoid laziness. Believe in yourself and even if you don’t love what you do, love your dedication to what you do.

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