Empowering Entrepreneurs

I’ve rounded up 5 of my top picks this month of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

This month’s topics are on the topic of finding your “Zone of Genius” and living/working with an attitude of gratitude.

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Why Expressing Gratitude is Key to Your Success

The Law of Attraction is all about vibrations and its job description is to ‘match vibrations’. So, it stands to reason if you are grumbling about this and that in your life then… you will attract more things to grumble about.

On the other hand, if you are always expressing thanks and appreciation, your feeling positive will continue to attract the things that allow you to feel good. Your expression of gratitude might be towards people, circumstances, situations or things.

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The Business Case for Gratitude, Become a Better Entrepreneur

Gratitude has been shown to increase determination, energy, and performance. People who are grateful are able to produce more than those who aren’t. Not only that, people who are grateful find it easier to reach the goals they set for themselves.  Goals are important for any entrepreneur. If you’re feeling discouraged or frustrated, focus on the successes you have had. Think of the people who support you. Think of the vision you have for yourself as an entrepreneur.

  • Gratitude helps you become more productive.
  • Gratitude makes you a better leader.
  • Gratitude helps you sell better.
  • Gratitude keeps you sane.

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5 Simple Ways to Express Gratitude Every Day

Science tells us that grateful people are typically happier people. Being grateful makes us more optimistic and reduces negativity — and that’s a huge reason to make acts of gratitude a daily habit.

  1. Write in an abundance journal.
  2. Express your gratitude in person.
  3. Show respect for those around you.
  4. Don’t complain.
  5. Volunteer in your community.

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6 Ways to Uncover Your Personal Zone of Genius

There are moments in all of our lives when we feel as if we are doing exactly what we were born to do. Our work feels like a privilege and everything we’re doing feels like a gift to the world. In these moments we’re in what has been referred to as our personal zone of genius.

  1. Set aside time for reflection each day.
  2. Conduct lots of experiments and collect data points.
  3. Work in a growth environment.
  4. Seek opportunities with autonomy.
  5. Become a producer.
  6. Embrace non-linear thinking.

The greatest work of your life is inside you. Give it the fertile soil it needs to see the light of day. Plant the seeds today for who you eventually want to become and you’ll open yourself up to an infinite set of possibilities.

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Are You Operating in Your Zone of Genius?

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and explore the possibilities? How does it feel to really embody your Zone of Genius? Take the Yes/No quiz to see how close you are to maximizing your potential, on a regular basis, at work.

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