This month, I’ve rounded up 4 of my top picks of articles to empower entrepreneurs.

This month’s articles are offered to give solopreneurs motivation and resources to become get organized and more efficient so they can do more for more people.

How the Best Entrepreneurs Stay Organized

Entrepreneurs are smart, savvy, creative and have the professional world at their fingertips. However, with constantly running a million miles a minute, they often run into the challenge of staying organized, just as the rest of us do!

By reviewing their goals daily, “batching” tasks, focusing on what will bring their business forward, choosing a few tasks to accomplish each day and delegating responsibilities, entrepreneurs are able to keep their professional and personal lives separate and organized.

Read more on Forbes.

12 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Tools to Stay Organized

Learn from those that are living it! Entrepreneurs use a variety of different ways to stay organized in their crazy schedules and using tools such as appealing to your own brain, prioritizing and finding ways to get inspired may just be the key to finding your own strategy to organization.

Read more from the Business Insider.

10 Quick Tips for Getting Organized

Getting organized can be a little bit of a daunting task, but with the help of these ten quick tips, you’ll have everything straightened out in no time!

1. Clean, organize and purge your desk
2. Be like Santa every day of the week.
3. Use only one calendar.
4. Make a note on your calendar, one week ahead of any event, about what you need to do for that event.
5. Make a list of your goals.
6. Choose one or two goals you want to accomplish this year with your business.
7. Get rid of any office supplies you haven’t used in the past year.
8. Start planning now for the next tax year. 8. Start planning now for the next tax year.
9. Update your Rolodex. (is that still a thing?)
10. Feng Shui your desk and surroundings.

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An Entrepreneur’s Guide for Organizing Yourself in a World of Chaos; How To Be More Productive, Focused and Clear-headed

Catalin Matei is an entrepreneur and the CEO at Increase Media. & Like many other entrepreneurs and working professionals, his world is busy, chaotic, but exciting nonetheless. His guide to “organizing yourself in a world of chaos” will help you to stay organized, productive and disciplined, all while living the unpredictable life of an entrepreneur.

Learn more from Catalin Matei on Medium.

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